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Cyril Bladier
Digital Strategist. Digital Evangelist. Data Marketing. We transform websites into leads generation tools.
Digital Strategist. Digital Evangelist. Data Marketing. We transform websites into leads generation tools.


Fall in posts views numbers.
On the first day, I had 16 000 views on a post.
The following day, it had fallen to 11 000.
No reason.
I've asked my network and I'm not the only one with this problem.
Do you also see this on your numbers ?
Anyone has an explanation ?

A customer needs a tool to measure on LinkedIn :
- increase in LinkedIn posts from his team
- measure team engagement on company posts
- how many engage on his company marketing activities on LinkedIn

I've seen crowdabble but he wants something just on his team.
any suggestion ? thanks for your help.

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Who's viewed your profile ?
Here, some of my peers (not me yet) have this graphic back.

Here are the automation tools now prohibited by LinkedIn :

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Level 2 size
previouly (a few years ago), we used to have the size of our networks on home page.
Then we could the number of level 2 connections from the network page.
Since the January 2017 changes, we can't see it anymore.
I hadn't realize it before but is it possible that when we just click "people" on the search engine the number we see is our level 2 connections ?

My last post has now reached (says LinkedIn) 175 000 views and 900+ Likes.
My purpose is absolutely not to say that to boast (I don't really care about views if there nothing concrete) but I'd like to know if it"s something you are used to in the US. Thanks

Need advice for LinkedIn group to create :
My client is a pharmaceutical group. The CDO wants to create a group that brings together all the professionals of a specialty who are on LinkedIn in our country.
Which one would be the best strategy?
1) We invite them to join the CDO's in network and then in the LinkedIn group through messaging or newsletters.
2) We directly invite theses specialists in the LinkedIn group.

Level 2 connections.
It looks like when you look at a 1st degree relations, you only see mutual connections even if he has chosen to let see them. I don't see anymore my first degrees' connections.

Connexion and password.
I want to outsource a part of my LinkedIn account management. I don't have time to manage all interactions, requests, invitations... The problem is that if I add a new email for my ghost to connect, it's the same password as the one I use for my personal email and that this second email can change the password without my control nor my information. Is there a solution or a tool for this? thanks

Hi Now, here, export contacts is possible again.
- My network, top menu.
- Your connections "see all", left side.
- Manage imported contacts", top right.
- export contacts, right side
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