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Jonathan Schofield
Works at Watershed: crafting pixels, ink and words
Attends Life
Lives in Portsmouth, UK
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Jonathan Schofield

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Genning up on better performing jQuery hiding
Good lessons here, especially for IE7.
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Jonathan Schofield

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Can I have my old version of the G+ iOS app back please Google?
My G+ app on iPhone 3 is garbled after updating :(
#bug #gplusbug
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Jonathan Schofield

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No-one with crazy ideas like this could ever become President of the most powerful country on +Earth could they?
Oh no, hang on, they could.

via +Callum James Hackett
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Thanks Rachel. I feel truly enlightened. No closer to an epiphany though.
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Jonathan Schofield

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Jumping through hoops
In Olympic year, a new event from Microsoft

In which I…
Go to brush up on Outlook email templating (haven't done it for a while).
Find useful looking demo on
Realise demo requires Windows MediaPlayer.
Update Flip4Mac and Silverlight for the first time in ages.
Find it makes no difference.
Go and find a Windows machine or boot up Virtual Machine.
Sigh /

Srsly, Microsoft, do you really suppose that all designers work on Windows?
And do you really think MediaPlayer is the friendliest way to deliver video in 2012?
Yes I know I'll need to test the solution on Windows eventually but I just wanted to learn :(

Creative Commons jump through hoop, Kerala:
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Jonathan Schofield

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Pretty damn cool indeed…
from last post - so cool
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Jonathan Schofield

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A few new ones for me here.
Thanks Euisul.

Google Chrome has evolved since its launch from a simple browser to a complex browser with powerful and very useful extensions. At this moment, there are Chrome apps and extensions for almost everythi...
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Jonathan Schofield

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Just switched to Google Public DNS
A quicker 'phonebook' for the interweb

It's very good. Try it :)
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Been using Google Public DNS for quite a while. I love it.
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Jonathan Schofield

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Jonathan Schofield

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My G+ app on iPhone 3 is garbled after updating :(
#bug #gplusbug
Jonathan Schofield's profile photo
So it seems my Google+ iOS app is now totally screwed. I have tried deleting it, rebooting my phone, and then reinstalling it, thinking it might be some kind of cache issue.

But no difference. My G+ app is now unusable with posts and comments displaying like the above screenshot. Here's what I am guessing has happened…

1. The latest G+ iOS app is not compatible with iOS 4.2.1 which is the latest I can run on my old iPhone 3. If that's so, that's fair enough.

2. But what isn't is that I was allowed to update the app! Other apps tell me they can't update because I need a more recent version of iOS. And that's OK because in such cases, the app version I have still works.

If my speculation is right, can I have my old version of the app back please Google?
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Jonathan Schofield

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I love using +ExpressionEngine and I know +EllisLab, Inc. are doing maintenance right now but, really, the state of affairs shown below is poor. (Thank goodness for Google cache.)

This call home error ain't good either:
Jonathan Schofield's profile photo
It seems the problem was in some way up my end:
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Jonathan Schofield

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Red top poetry
I missed this from Charlie Brooker when it aired on 10 O'clock Live last week but just watched it. Lovely stuff…
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Jonathan Schofield

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Stop being lame and keep it cool, Michael Gove MP (
"Stop being so closed-minded," he says. The original buyer's guide for men.
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Designer, Coder, Writer, Pontificator
Designer living in Portsmouth, Hampshire on the south coast of England. I'm devoted to my wife and 3 kids, I'm partial to spoonerising and houmous, and good at ignoring US spell checkers.

I design web and printed things that help people and businesses connect with each other.

I also occasionally write on Blogger about my observations on joining the dots between Google's web products: urlyman, a Googly view.

                                ------- + + + -------

On posting and sharing
In no particular order, I tend to post publicly on these topics:

  • Web technologies and best practice: I'm a front-end focused geek so I post on CSS, HTML markup, JavaScript and accessibility.
  • The culture of the social and semantic web: I'm just besotted with this thing we're all participating in.
  • Design and usability: I love elegant design solutions. If something really stands out, I'll share it.
  • Ethics and politics: I like to 'do the right thing' and I'm fascinated by exactly what that is, so I'm inclined to pontificate on leading a good life. I'm an atheist and, politically speaking, left leaning, but I try not to be dogmatic about either of these stances. If you are of a different persuasion, I'll be respectful of it – call me out if I'm not – and I hope we can have a civil discussion, because there are some big issues to tackle together.
  • Science: I'm incurably curious.
  • Funnies: I like satire. You won't see many lolcats and animated GIFs from me -- you might get the odd one though.
I tend to avoid sharing just for the sake of it. I usually add an opinion, and I'm interested in yours. 

I'm pretty active here, as you can see courtesy of the stats for me at CircleCount and All my +, and my G+ timeline.

                                ------- + + + -------

On circling and being circled
I'm honoured if you Circle me but know that I'm more likely to Circle you back if you engage with me or people I know and have something to say. Look forward to seeing you in my Stream or Notifications.
Bragging rights
I can code | juggle | play Ultimate frisbee | play guitar badly
  • Life
  • Bournemouth & Poole College of Art & Design
  • Lincoln College of Art & Design
  • Spalding Grammar School
Basic Information
Web + Print + Brand designer/developer/writer
  • Watershed: crafting pixels, ink and words
    Director, present
  • Design Motive
    Senior designer
  • Crescent Lodge Design
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Portsmouth, UK
London - Bournemouth - Spalding, UK
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