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ChristopheR Poston
I'm a simple, easy going person. Graduated high school in 05, and continue to learn everyday.
I'm a simple, easy going person. Graduated high school in 05, and continue to learn everyday.


I just bought a nexus 6p and can't get LTE. I seen a lot of people having the same issue. Has anyone found a fix for it? Running 7.0 on at&t.

Can anyone help me with a mission pursue the echo? I keep dieing at the boss. Ps4

I was in a fireteam earlier, and we got 6 wins. I had to leave early and now I need help getting at least one more win. Anyone available to help?

Did trials for the first time last night. Got shut down on 4 different cards with 4 wins being our best. Lol I did manage a 310 Truth and a 310 unseeing eye from bounties. Definitely more of a competition, which I like.

I did NightFall this morning And got a 310 MIDA MT as a drop. The other two got exotics too.

I must say, after using it I think it's a great overall gun but definitely not OP as everyone says. Just my 2 cents. Lol

Need 5 people for normal kings fall raid. Hope to start by 7. I'm a 303 maxed warlock. I have a checkpoint at the sisters.

Anyone want to take a 297-302 warlock to the atheon raid? Lol I don't have any friends that play. I been up to the disappearing boulder part but never any further.

So I'm doing the atheon raid and make it all the way to the cliff after the disappearing boulder and a guy standing on the edge of the cliff knocks me off, I shrug it off and go again this time when I land on a disappearing boulder and the guy that jumped on behind me knocked me off of that. After about 3 more time of failing I made it to the cliff to be knocked off by a guy once more. Then they kicked me from the fire team. Seams like some bullshit.

This was my first time and was so close.

296 warlock on ps4 looking to do nightfall. Screen name is killerposton

Question, I just bought the original Destiny and have been playing for about a day and determined that I like the game. If I go buy The Taken King will I continue where I left off or will I have to start over?
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