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Can anyone please tell me if/how I can find AXS TV Friday Night Fights? Specifically looking for LFA 8 tonight.

Trying to watch local news and am advised I need an older version of Sports Devil for the channels to play. How do I do this?
Krypton 17.1, Fury 1.2

Hey, y'all-
I'm sorry to be the neediest person in this group! I have reset my modem over and over, cleared caches over and over, reset my Fire Stick over and over, checked internet speed and found it decent...and Specto won't play. Goodfellas won't play. Exodus won't play. Probably more won't play. I'm tired of trying.
Sources load, everything looks peachy, busy loading spin happens in the upper LH corner, select source...wait...nothing.
I'm using Kodi 17.1 with SpinzTV Fury 1.2.
Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this, and what I can do other than the fixes listed above?!

Hello, all!
I really would appreciate some help.
I installed Fury 1.2 in part because I thought it would give access to MMA fights my husband loves, usually on AXS on Friday nights. I couldn't find anything Friday night and gave up, though there's a YouTube video on how to install it as an add-on in the Kodi menu.
Unfortunately, now that I've installed Spinz, I can't find the Kodi menu.
On top of that, after a few pretty good days, nothing will play--not on Exodus, SALTS, Goodfellas, Specto...clink link after link and...nothing.
Installing this build is feeling like a huge mistake. 😰

Is there anything that can be done to help with draggy, slow, freezing, exasperating video streams? Are some sources much better than others? And on a Fire Stick, what am I supposed to do when prompted to go to a link and click "pair"?!
Is there any place online for Spinz tech support?

Please help! Replaced our old Kodi setup on Firestick with Spinz Fury 1.2 and now playback is balky and frankly, terrible. Not talking about live streams--tv shows in general. Unresponsive to my remote a lot of the time, too. Content seems to get to a certain point and then flash back and forth between seconds in counter, so it's frozen. Is there help for this? Please?!

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