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I write things; I juggle things.
I write things; I juggle things.

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So far, every episode of Not about Lumberjacks has been fictional. Even the second episode, "Pride of the Red Card" blurred the lines of fiction and reality, with a coin flip as to what was real and what was made up. But this month's story, "Bobo," is almost entirely true.

With the exception of a name change and a scene involving a Big Mac, this is the story of the time I was a clown...

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A good lesson in doing the thing you REALLY want to do...not simply what you believe will make a lot of money. The effort in this process is ridiculous!

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A 4.5 minute peek at the real book that inspired the latest episode of Not about Lumberjacks.

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The podcast I do with Shawn Kupfer turned 200 today. That's 200 episodes without ever missing a week.

I like what Shawn did with the sound design around 56:18 into the show.

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In honor of one year of Not about Lumberjacks, it's a story sticking to my promise of never mentioning lumberjacks!

This time: When Erik Nilsson has a minor heart attack and is told to take some forced time off of work to recuperate, he finally reads a book left to him by his father much earlier in life. What he finds hidden among the pages changes him forever…

While I love all the new stories I've written ithis past year, this one might be my favorite. After gutting people with "Purvis" in September, I definitely wanted to do something much more uplifting. I'm really proud of this one.

Thanks to everybody who's listened to a story (or now -- 14), in the past year...

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In two weeks, Shawn Kupfer and I will hit episode 200 of our weekly podcast. Today, though, marks the one-year anniversary of starting my solo show.

I intended to only write one or two new stories in the first year, but one can argue that I wrote 7. I started the show because it had been years since writing short fiction (novels took up my time), and that worked out well. I look forward to another year!

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This month's Not about Lumberjacks behind-the-scenes look is a bit longer than usual, but it was a lot of fun. I sat down with Cynthia Faye Griffith to talk about what goes into creating an audio drama.

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It was not a bad weekend in East Texas (camping in Daingerfield State Park).

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In honor of Halloween, this month's episode of Not about Lumberjacks is about a podcaster who discovers some ghostly audio while editing an episode of his show.

It's a bit of a departure from most episodes of Not about Lumberjacks because it's a true audio drama (instead of the usual prose story). It was a lot of fun to put together because it also features the voice talents of +Cynthia Griffith, +Rick Coste (seriously, listen to his awesome show, Bryar Lane!), Rocky Westbrook, and even my mom!

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Like so many pieces of art my wife has done in the past couple years, she started out with a quick sketch and then BOOM! -- out came the ink!
My husband had a business trip out-of-state for almost a week about a month ago or so. I thought I would draw a new image to help pass the time quickly. The morning he left (Tuesday), I sat down and sketched this in blue pencil directly to Bristol (not my usual small sketching/enlarge/transfer-cleanup). By the next day (Wednesday), I was already starting to ink it.

I still had issues with my eyesight going out quickly on me, so it's not like I was working for several hours (sadly -- I would have finished it within a few days, I think). Some of the blue pencil sketch lines were very loose and vague due to the way I drew this piece, so inking slowed down as I got to those sections. I also had a bit of a brainfart that Thursday (my last day that week to work on it, as I would be away all of Friday and spending time with my husband over the weekend when he got home). For some reason, I couldn't focus and made stupid mistakes or was sloppy. It was almost like I'd never inked before. Thank goodness for being able to clean up the mess for the most part.

The following week... momentum had been lost. I didn't want to work on art at all that Monday, and I struggled Tuesday to sketch in some backgrounds. Between allergies driving my eyes nuts again, and the weather getting cooler (and calling me to enjoy it)... well, it took longer than it really should have taken. I finally pushed myself to sit down and finish inking the cooking supplies in the background, and all the landscape in final burst.

I wanted to draw Bombur, because recently I'd been watching the actor's (Stephen Hunter) video blog and even asking him questions on Twitter about voice acting. He's such a nice guy, I thought he should be my next drawing. I'm just sorry it took me so long to finish it, much less start it.

Drawn directly onto Bristol using blue pencil, and inked with Black Magic Ink using a Winsor & Newton series 7 #2 brush. Also a few details in size 005 art pen and black pencil. Acrylic white paint for covering up mistakes.
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