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Sorry for the late release guys. Was out for a company gathering. GC chapter as promised :) Enjoy! (002) Possibility of Jobless Translator: Tseirp When
I woke up, this time, it really was an
unknown ceiling. I
looked around my surroundings, before staring a...
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IS B5C67
I just realized that my translation work load didn't change at all. So now, there will be 3 schedules releases a week. Scheduled releases for Invincible Saint will now be on Wed and Sun. Growth Cheat will be on Fri. Any additional or extra chapters will be ...
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Translated this extra chapter because I was interested in what happens next xD Haha. Enjoy! Release 3 of 3. (001) World
without a ceiling Translator: Tseirp An
unknown ceiling ... There wasn't one. In
the first place, there wasn't even a ceiling. I
thought ...
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IS B5C66
Release 2 of 3. This extra chapter is thanks to QD-san, Hau-san and Simon-san :). I've finally cleared my extra chapter queue! :D Thank you all for your continued support. Enjoy! Chapter 066: Men who assertively follow orders Translator: Tseirp I
have no id...
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IS B5C65
I've been on a translating spree over the weekend cause GC made it interesting again xD. Release 1 of 3. This chapter is thanks to Tan-san :). Enjoy! Chapter 065: Healer's Guild assailants Translator: Tseirp The
healer's healing magic demonstration ended wi...
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IS B5C64
change the humanized dragon term I use to dragonewt
until there's any further mention about dragonewts
since humanized dragon sounds very awkward. >.< Chapter 064: Ienith's Adventurer's Guild
guildmaster is a muscle-brain Translator: Tseirp Even
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Hi guys ;) I've decided to pickup Growth Cheat as a tandem series to Invincible Saint. Do give this a try if you are here form Invincible Saint or do give Invincible Saint a try if you are here for Growth Cheat :D. This translation series will be scheduled ...
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IS B5C63
Chapter 063: Object X is a Cheat item Translator: Tseirp After
completing a tougher than usual training session, I found that the criminal
slaves were gathering at the training ground. "Ah~ Good work with the night guard duty. Get
some proper rest after hav...
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IS B5C62
chapter is thanks to Solpower-san, ScarletFlames255-san and Soren-san! :D
Enjoy! Chapter 062: Disciple cornered by his Shisho's
boasts Translator: Tseirp After
leaving the Adventurer's Guild, we went shopping
for some goods before returning to the Heal...
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IS B5C61
Chapter 061: Ienith's Adventurer's Guild Translator: Tseirp After
breakfast, the only person who wasn't shocked by the underground
transformation, Lionel, visited me in the guildmaster's
room to ask if he could have Dolan manufacture weapons for him. "Befor...
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