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Kristen Dolle
Writer. Thinker. Risk Taker.
Writer. Thinker. Risk Taker.
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Aiight peeps, I just sent out the first Up and UP email - help me get some Google+ love for this amazing project!! +Alessandra Lariu +Lindsay Anvik +Angela Bilog +Jeffrey Alexander Castellano +Melissa Andrada +Beth Roddy +Suparna Bhasin +Beth Schoenfeldt +Carmelyne Thompson

Making a wishlist for the Good Girls presentation!! SO LITTLE TIME!! It's going to be fabulous!

Calling it a night! We're launching to a small sector of the public tomorrow night and then to the online world on Thursday!

ALMOST DONE WITH THE KICKSTARTER VID... WOW! What an experience! Now I'm pro!

Thanks for the welcome +Carmelyne Thompson! Looking forward to staying in touch.

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Trying my hand at uTorrent... please let this work!
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