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Hola a todos, el día de hoy se transmitirá el primer episodio del proyecto Devcode TV.
En este episodio se hablará sobre la Autentificación de Usuarios con Node.js, será un transmisión en vivo totalmente gratis.

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Facebook Friday | Early Facebook!

From Pinterest

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10 Conclusions We Can Draw About Today's #Xboxreveal  
1. It will be expensive, no mention of price
2. It will be gimmicky, no mention of REAL developer interaction with Kinect
3. It will be a DVR, for gaming only
4. It cares more about Television and Entertainment than gaming.
5. It bought exclusive rights to Call of Duty DLC, bad sign for the first waves of games.
6. It has better graphics, but this doesn't sell systems.
7. It will not support 360 games, they would've mentioned it.
8. It has alot of voice and wave features, of which no developers took advantage of in the 360.
9. They are working exclusively with the NFL and EA, neither of which care about Gaming or Game Development.
10. They will need to really impress at E3 this year now.
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Now Witness the Firepower of this Fully Operational Drupal Installation.

No one wants a half-constructed, un-operational battle station, right? The same is true for your website. If you're going to conquer your business landscape and blast planets into smithereens with your content marketing, you're going to need a solid base on which to launch that campaign!

I have been developing websites for almost two decades, and have been using the #Drupal  platform since 2007. If you're building your own blog site, WordPress is still the easiest and most efficient option. But if you want a professional-grade platform that can change and grow along with your business, Drupal is the only choice.

If you'd like to learn more about Drupal, check out the article below. If you think WordPress or Joomla or something else is better, tell me why!

Thanks for reading!

#ContentMarketing #CMS #Business 

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