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Amazing how google can show beadwork evolving... 
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Meditation - dealing with cancer
This blog is unusual as it isn't about beads.  It is a bit of my back history... and a bit about my current situation.  I've written this blog for Womb Cancer Support UK, who are interested in people who use meditation to cope with cancer. Womb cancer and e...

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Competitive Art
It's the time of year for The Battle of the Beadsmith... and also the winners of Bead Dreams have been announced.  It makes me think about the idea of competitive beading, and competitive art in general.   Art is defined as "the expression or application of...

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Feeling the Love
I have always thought that
beaders are wonderful people.  Since discovering beading in 2007, and
making friends with other beaders on facebook I have made some wonderful
friends. I've gone on holiday with people I've only met online, and come away with frie...

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Taking some time out
Well, I don't have much creative to report - or at least, I've not been designing recently - my head hasn't really been in the right place. About 13 months ago, I was diagnosed with cancer - endometrial cancer (lining of the womb), and on 19th May this year...

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Kumihimo Weeknd
Well, it's been a wonderful weekend - I've been away at a family wedding.  I'm the kind of person who goes a bit nuts with no creative outlet, so instead of taking my beads with me (which aren't the most portable of crafts), I decided to pack some kumihimo....

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Herringbone Rope
Usually, I'm not much of a fan of making beaded ropes, I find them repetitive and quite dull if I'm being really honest.  But recently, I've been rather under the weather and the meditative, repetitive action of making a simple beaded rope has been quite we...

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Blogging about beaded bowls...
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