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Tried to install pagekit on Nginx. Couldn't get it running. I should say that it took so long trying to figure out what the problems were that I gave up. May I suggest a detailed install page, with more info on dependencies and other required software. Also maybe include a sample nginx config file; that would have helped quite a bit. I really shouldn't have to go searching for that kind of info.

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Hope they guys can help me!

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Why didn't I find these guys before?

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Painless way to let your visitors know about your web site privacy policy and give permission for cookies

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Takes 15 seconds to be heard.

What would it take to inspire the Taiwan government to sponsor a country-wide technology upgrade program? Banks, financial institutions, post offices, ministries, and countless institutions integral to Taiwan's economy are still using Windows XP and other legacy systems--many of which don't even fully support the Chinese language. New technology startups are still programming on and for 1990s technology. Business processes as ubiquitous as e-banking are outdated, insecure, and overly complex. How will Taiwan compete on a global scale years from now when China, Korea, and other developing countries adopt modern platforms and newer technologies incompatible with Taiwan's electronic infrastructure?

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Oh yeah! Gonna be cookin' at TAV for a great family event.
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