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mike walsifer
i come for the punk, but stay for the ska!
i come for the punk, but stay for the ska!

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i think +James Wojtal Jr would like this one
Muppets Rock Out in a Hangout... broadcast TV debut tonight!

Tonight this wonderful, fun commercial is going to air during the X Factor Finale (show begins at 8pm EST on Fox.) Really captures the spirit of hangouts... And I love the Bowie / Queen track too.

"Under pressure" might have made a good G+ team soundtrack for 2011... ;-)
But damn, when we step back and witness the impact this product is already having in people's lives... I can tell you that +Vic Gundotra and I wouldn't have it any other way!

To that end, be sure to also check out Google+: Circles Love Story: It's going to air during tonight's Big Bang Theory (8pm EST, on CBS) as well. As a newlywed, I tear up a bit every time I see it.

#gpluscommercials #muppets #hangouts

i need something to occupy my free time now

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anyone wanna huddle?

who wants to huddle and watch youtube videos?

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most of these we taken while in my car
10-2-11 manhattan and queens day trip w/ my iphone4 (47 photos)
47 Photos - View album
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