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HP Stream 11 Restart Loop
Documenting this for other poor unfortunate souls, since I couldn't find anything when I first searched "hp stream 11 bootloop." After a month of disuse, I picked up my HP Stream 11 (specifically model 11-d077nr.) On this machine I had installed Debian with...

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Can anyone more experienced with 3D printers give their opinion on this? It looks promising but I don't know much about the space.

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So, I find this article by Noah Slater (see below) offensive as hell.

-  He implies that non-males are inherently less "logical" and "hard data" driven. Frankly, if this is true, misogynists are vindicated and we should take away women's voting and property rights again. Fortunately, I don't think this is true, as evidenced by many of the logical, highly intelligent women that do participate in various technical fields.

- He implies that UX and UI design are not logical and data-driven disciplines, and moreover that the failure of UX and UI design in the open source community is directly linked to the lack of diversity. No, the problem is that good UX and UI design are REALLY HARD, and require lots of dedicated resources to do correctly. User testing is expensive, and designing a good UI is a holistic exercise, not something that can be distributed piecemeal to be done in the same way writing features can be. I fail to see how more women participating would correct this any more than more lefthanded people or more people who like the color red would.

- The argument that he links about math not being critical to programming is massively flawed. No, you don't need to know math to give instructions to a computer. But you do need it to do it correctly, and in a way that won't create scalability headaches later. Moreover, the implication is, again, that math scares women and minority groups away from programming, because apparently they aren't capable. Saying we should lower our standards to cater to this supposed inferiority isn't helping anyone and would only encourage the sort of negative attitudes we're trying to prevent.

- Good UI design and documentation are not "non-technical" contributions. To do them correctly is a highly technical endeavour, and to say otherwise is exactly the problem that creates the deficit there. I consider good UI design to be a highly interesting piece of engineering, focusing on the boundary between cognitive psychology and software engineering. Documentation, to a certain extent, ditto. Dismissing it as nontechnical only discourages those with an engineering mindset from applying themselves to it.

Now, for clarification. I fully support efforts to make women and minorities more welcome in the open source community. We need to get rid of some of the crass sexist language and humor, the expectation that if a woman is present at an event that she is just along for the ride with her boyfriend/husband, and events do need to have codes of conduct that protect people from harassment and give those who were harassed some form of recourse. But I don't consider these core changes to the open source, hacker, or programmer identities. These are just extending basic courtesy and mindfulness to fellow human beings.

I would also like to add that, yes, our culture as a whole (in the United States, I can't speak for elsewhere) has a disturbing amount of bias that encourages women to think of themselves as soft and emotionally-driven, while encouraging men to think of themselves as logical. THAT is where the flaw lies, and it's a much harder problem to solve, especially since The Market has built so much on reinforcing gender roles, so there is significant institutional momentum.

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This is literally the worst thing I've read all week:

* Describes antidepressants as "toxic," "deadening," and "overprescribed," and to blame for suicides and massacres. (I've literally never seen research to back any of this, and I've looked into it a lot before I myself went on anti-depressants)
* Claims that date rape increased in the 80s due to keg parties and binge drinking. (Plausible, but [citation needed])
* Claims Marijuana creates 'physiological feminization in men' (Less plausible, but [citation needed])

Basically the whole article is a giant grab-bag of stupid, and the laziest opinion piece I've ever seen. What offends me more is I agree with the author's main point, but they're doing such a bad job of representing it with several borderline non-sequiturs.

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This made me laugh more than it should.

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