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2017 Lincoln MKZ Promises Exciting New Changes

Drivers everywhere will be excited about the latest update for the 2017 #LincolnMKZ , which promises a new look and a whole lot of fun, building on the momentum of the Continental’s concept launch in April. The excitement begins with a whole new front stance, dropping the old split-wing grille for a new rectangular look. In addition, the 2017 MKZ will introduce a zippy 3.0L turbocharged V6 that is only offered by #Lincoln . This little powerhouse will offer up to 400 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque with AWD, and will far eclipse the existing engine offerings from Lincoln. The MKZ is scheduled to go on sale sometime next summer, leading the way for exciting new #2017Vehicles by Lincoln.

The new features on the 2017 Lincoln MKZ are part of a refresh for the classic luxury brand, which has seen renewed interest since the introduction of the Continental concept car in April. The Continental has also been picked up for production, and will be available several months after the #MKZ . The brand continues to evolve with a host of new engine configurations, fresh front ends, and improved interior features. Some of the exciting new offerings that will be available as options for the MKZ include Active brake hold, which keeps the brakes engaged at spotlights, Adaptive cruise control with stop and go, and two new Black Label themes in “Chalet” and “Vineyard”.

Even the base offerings on the new 2017 MKZ are pretty nice. The base engine is a 2.0L I-4 that offers efficient performance, and the brand will keep a gas-electric hybrid option available for eco-conscious drivers. The new 3.0L engine replaces an outgoing 3.7L V6 that only offered 300 hp and 277 lb-ft of torque. The brand hopes that the new engine will provide drivers with smooth power and raw performance at the same time. This is the perfect time for a refresh of the MKZ, which has lost ground to the new MKC compact crossover offered by the brand. Global markets will also be a part of the summer launch, with China getting a chance to purchase the new vehicle at the same time. #OrlandPark , #Naperville , and #TinleyPark drivers can get the latest news on the MKZ release when they call Rizza Lincoln at (855) 581-3130 today!

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New Sinatra Lincoln Play Store App Creates Immersive Concert Experience

#Lincoln has once again partnered with the Tribeca Film Festival, which honored a legendary musician with a tribute unlike any other this year. Several musical artists teamed up with Lincoln and IM350 Entertainment to offer a performance called “Sinatra at 100,” which featured many of the crooner’s classic hits, including “New York New York.” Frank Sinatra would have turned 100 years old this year, and artists such as Brandon Flowers, NE-YO, and Alice Smith were there to pay tribute.

Following the performance, Lincoln was proud to release a new #PlayStoreApp on Google Play which lets you experience the concert for yourself. The App, entitled “TFF: Sinatra at 100,” is free both in the App Store and #Google Play. With this free app, users are treated to a unique digital experience, shot with a 360-degree panoramic view, placing the viewer right in the venue and giving them views of the stage and the audience. This app is being hailed as a way to get a personalized experience right in the comfort of your home, which is also an important part of the #LincolnBlackLabel experience.

The app offers several songs, including “New York New York,” performed by Brandon Flowers, Alice Smith, Lea DeLaria, and NE-YO, “Come Fly With Me,” performed by Flowers, “Luck Be a Lady,” performed by DeLaria, “Night and Day,” performed by Smith, “You Make Me Feel So young,” performed by NE-YO, and “Lady is a Tramp,” performed by Smith and NE-YO. These performances honor a man known for influencing the landscape of the musical world in much the same way that Lincoln brings innovation to the forefront of luxury automobiles. With this sponsorship, Lincoln shows its dedication to art and beauty, both on and off the manufacturing floor.

If you want to learn more about the Lincoln Black Label experience, then it is time to stop by Rizza Lincoln. Proudly serving several owners in the #OrlandPark, #TinleyPark, and #Naperville areas, we offer exemplary service at our 8100 West 159th Street location. When you are ready to take a look at models, features, and financing, give us a call at (855) 581-3130 to get your exclusive Lincoln vehicle as soon as possible.

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Reports Suggest Lincoln Will Return to Classic Brand Names

When Lincoln introduced the #LincolnContinental concept proposed for 2016, it was met with much excitement from drivers and Lincoln enthusiasts alike. After confirming a revived version of the Continental model for production, Lincoln has hinted at resurrecting Lincoln class brand names for other models as well. In recent years they’ve stuck with alphanumeric names, which proved confusing for drivers unfamiliar with the entire MK lineup. Lincoln’s initial strategy was to create names that personified their brand, rather than assign a name to individual models. Though premium luxury never wavered, there was a discernible difference in vehicles not given a storied moniker.

Much to their surprise, drivers preferred classic names over the alphanumeric models, like the Town Car, Zephyr, and El Dorado. Lincoln also learned that it would be advantageous to create models with distinguished names, as the luxury market continues to expand and become inundated with monotonous models. What they have called “leveraging its heritage” would basically be returning to its roots, and fostering excitement for the classic nameplates drivers have come to know and love. It would also mean moving away from the alphanumeric names that created distance between Lincoln enthusiasts and MK-series models.

Overall, Lincoln has been coy about the future and hasn’t made any promises—beyond the forthcoming production of the new Continental—but they have acknowledged that they are very excited for the attention it’s gotten. At this point we know the Continental has been renewed, and we’re enjoying speculating about future resurrections. The #LincolnTownCar is possibly the best-known model—after the Continental—so we’d be thrilled to see it get a bump in modern technology and features. Another contender is the #Zephyr, which made a recent comeback under the guise of the MKZ.

A lot of details surrounding the future of the Lincoln classic brand names are still up in the air. Rizza Lincoln is happy to speculate though, and even more excited to bring the 2016 Lincoln Continental to #orlandpark, #tinleypark, and #naperville drivers. Stay updated with the Lincoln Continental to experience the ultramodern features integrated into an American classic.

#LincolnContinental #LincolnTownCar #MKSeries

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Indulge in Lincoln Black Label

Lincoln enthusiasts are accustomed to premium features and top-of-the-line amenities. Surpassing the highest of expectations is the elite membership program: Lincoln Black Label. This ownership experience supplies high-end materials, completely individualized Lincoln interiors, topnotch customer service, and exclusive member privileges. Comfort and luxury can’t get any greater than this #Lincoln membership program.

#Lincolnblacklabel was created for drivers who seek upscale surroundings where they spend a significant amount of time. These drivers desire rare and high-end materials that look as great as they feel, such as Alcantara® and Venetian leather, fine woods in every grain, and rich Chroma® paints. These design elements set the mood and create a tactile experience tailored to each Lincoln driver’s vision.

This program is more than an ownership experience. Black Label offers commitment to pleasing each member, and going above and beyond to achieve their ultimate aspirations. When you become a member of Black Label, you’ll have a dedicated liaison to personally assist you every step of the way. A sole point of contact means each member will be top priority, with detailed support from start to finish. This familiarity will lend to the intimate process of individualizing your Lincoln.

A remarkable aspect of this program is it is completely on your terms. As a Black Label member, a mobile showroom will come to you at your convenience. Black Label dealerships will also arrange an in-dealership studio with private fitting rooms. What’s more, participating #blacklabeldealerships offer remote delivery to members within thirty miles.

To add to the amenities, members receive complimentary anytime car washes in addition to annual detailing. Lincoln aims to keep member’s prized vehicles in pristine conditions at all times. To uphold peak performance, members will also benefit from a premium maintenance plan covering all required maintenance, with pickup and delivery for service needs, and the provision of a temporary vehicle. For further indulgence, valued members are granted access to the #culinarycollection—at -your-service dining experiences from noted chefs.

Luxury car enthusiasts are thrilled to be members of the elite Lincoln Black Label program. Rizza Lincoln is excited to introduce #orlandpark Lincoln drivers to this exclusive program.

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The 2015 Lincoln Navigator—A Top Selling Luxury SUV

Leading the pack for top selling luxury SUVs is the #2015LincolnNavigator . Though ever-changing, a key reason SUV sales are soaring is surprisingly the low gas prices across the country. Though we’ve seen the price of oil skyrocket in the past, drivers are more than pleased with current rates. So much so, they’re buying large vehicles. It’s no secret that large vehicles and sports utility vehicles cost more to fill the tank, and it’s to be expected for vehicles that produce significantly more power than smaller cars, and are used for major activities like hauling and towing. It’s just the nature of owning a high-powered vehicle.

Drivers are flocking to purchase #luxurySUVs  like the Lincoln Navigator. Drivers are taking advantage of the opportunity to fill up for less, as short-lived as the opportunity may be. Out of five best-selling luxury SUVs, the Lincoln Navigator is leading the pack. As a result of plummeting gas prices, sales of the 2015 Lincoln Navigator are up about 100% so far this year. That is a significant spike in sales.
Gas prices aside, there are a lot of reasons that car shoppers pick the Navigator time and time again. Drivers choosing the #Lincoln Navigator have more advantages with its twin-turbo 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engine, which dominates with 380 hp and 460 lb-ft of torque. Other exceptional features are a bonus. No matter the gas price, the power drivers get for their money is worth it.

The 2015 Lincoln Navigator is holding its own among top selling luxury SUVs, in large part to current gas prices. Rizza Lincoln in #OrlandPark  knows that full-size SUVs like the Navigator have always been and always will be a top-seller in its class. Power and reliability ensure that will always be the case—low gas prices are simply an added perk for the moment. Rizza Lincoln can’t say enough great things about this SUV, which offers a plethora of fantastic features and figures. Come test drive this best-selling luxury SUV for yourself and see what everyone is talking about.

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