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Nitin Balodi
Digital Marketer, Science Graduate, Technology enthusiast, Rookie Investor, Elon Musk Fanatic, Aircraft lover and and upcoming fighter pilot of Indian Air Force
Digital Marketer, Science Graduate, Technology enthusiast, Rookie Investor, Elon Musk Fanatic, Aircraft lover and and upcoming fighter pilot of Indian Air Force

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My chemistry text book is a bunch of atoms, written and assembled by a bunch of atoms to explain "atoms" to another bunch of atoms.

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5 Things to Do When An Examiner Rejects Your Patent

There is a general belief that these rejections are a common occurrence and there’s only little one can do to avoid/overcome rejections. This, however, is not the case. One can change the direction of patent prosecution in his favor every time after a rejection if one makes great strategies.  

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Concept Hacking: A Methodology to Have a Happy Clientele

Superb customer service sits at the heart of a business success. Further, the key to providing a better client experience is by delivering what your client/customer expects.

The way to do that is described in this post:

I haven't come across any such approach in the past. This, to me, is better than traditional quality checks in service based businesses.

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The Pioneer That Were Researching in LiFi much Before its Public Disclosure

Whenever someone discusses Li-Fi, the TED talk of Prof Harald Haas, the father of LiFi, hits the mind automatically. In Aug 2011, Prof Haas disclosed LiFi technology in public for the first time.

Later on in 2013, his company Pure LiFi became the first company to manufacture a LiFi based product.

Does only Prof Haas or the Edinburgh University, was working on the technology before its first public disclosure in 2011?

 Read on to find the answer.

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A 3 Step Approach to Growth Hack Client Acquisition Process

The article discusses a cost effective three step approach to:
1.        outshine competitors
2.        Putting you as someone who understands the prospect well
3.       And helps you in growth hacking the client acquisition process

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5 Technologies Dictating the Future of Healthcare!

Robotic doctors and nurses, nanomedicine, 3D printed organ, gene editing and the promise to never get turned old, we definitely are going to witness technology disrupting the healthcare sector soon!

Let's have a peek at what that disruption looks like:

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Which are The Top Law Firms Prosecuting Japanese Patents at German PTO?

TBK is popular among Japanese companies in German and prosecuted 1460 Japanese patents at German PTO during 2010-2015.
More details from here:

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Universities are Axing their Feet by Knocking the Doors of Patent Trolls

More than 60 institutions have sold their IP assets to Intellectual Ventures. These companies grab a bigger piece of the pie which decreases the market value of a patent for its assignee.

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Top 5 Universities Leading the Research in Wireless Communication

In the past five years, different universities around the globe filed more than 23,000 patent applications in wireless communication domain, which is used to rank them.

The results say that ETRI of South Korea tops the list followed by Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunication, China and ITRI, Taiwan at #2 and #3 spot.  

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Why a Patent Portfolio Fails to Find Licensing Opportunities?

Be it in a shopping mall or on an ecommerce platform, we always look for a vendor offering a same product/service at somewhat lower price. Isn’t it?

And similar things happen in drafting and prosecuting patents. A lowest cost provider usually wins the business.

Result: The owner employing low cost solution builds a huge patent portfolio. But the question is: does the low cost solution pays off in the future?
Eric Halber, IP litigation and enforcement attorney with 20+ years of experience, answered this question and shared his experience of patent monetization on our blog recently.

“A large percentage of patents available to the market over the past decade or so have not produced any licensing opportunities or generated revenue for their owners”, says Eric.

Why it is so?

Eric has explained the cause as well as remedy in his article which you can read from here:
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