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Trapped in the Phantom Zone...
Trapped in the Phantom Zone...

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I just played and got a length of 132! Can you beat that?

Would like to test Asblock browser. 

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Originally published on Gas2. On one end of the performance spectrum we have the 707 horsepower Dodge Challenger Hellcat, a supercharged American muscle car made through decades of performance refinements. At the other end is the Tesla Model S P85D, which…

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Most isn't yet proven, but very interesting non the less.
nice clip explains higher dimensions from a physics point of view, some physicists say we got 10 dimensions.  :) The video covers the five dimensional Einstein-Kaluza view that is less known today.  The video is helpful in understanding why when we see higher dimensional events we don't always have the capacity to understand well what happened from a 3rd dimensional perspective. :)

Kaluza showed that by extending space-time to five dimensions, one could produce the Einstein equations in four dimensions, plus an extra set of equations that is equivalent to Maxwell’s equations for electromagnetism. The fifth dimension would be compact, curled up so small that we can’t detect it. Einstein liked the five-dimensional approach. In 1919, he wrote to Kaluza, "The idea of achieving unification by means of a five-dimensional cylinder world would never have dawned on me...At first glance I like your idea enormously." Kaluza published his paper in 1921, and Einstein accepted his ideas and published his first paper on unified field theory, with Jacob Grommer, following a similar approach, in 1922.

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I'm an African God from the future. 

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3D printing is soon becoming the food microwave from 5th element

This past week, researchers in Paris implanted false memories into mice, scientists in Japan transmitted 1.8 kilowatts of power wirelessly, and engineers in Australia successfully transplanted a new long-lasting bionic heart!
Read more in the links below!

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Implanting False Memories

Wireless Energy Transmission

Bionic Heart

Plastic Waste Concrete

Power-generating Tires

Molecular 3D Printer

#science #tech #3Dprinting
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