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Terance Hedgecoth

Is anyone familiar with using Households? My gf has a prime account and has included me in a household.

When I sign into my account it says I have prime, when I look at my prime info, it says I have free two day shipping. However, when I go to checkout it shows a shipping price and tells me each item is eligible for prime and I should join now... what?

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Artisan Prairie stout I had on NBD, my friend told me this stout was delicious when he saw it in my fridge. I believed him and sat on it for two weeks before popping the cap! Definitely worth the wait, really really smooth. I was shaking the glass to get to the last drop.

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There's a Man in the Woods

Who would you drop? Who would you replace them with? I think I have decent sleepers but only time will tell.

QB - Drew Brees / @ Dal
WR - Julio Jones / @ Min
RB - Matt Forte / @ GB
TE - Greg Olsen / @ Bal
W/R - CJ Spiller (rb) / @ Hou
W/R - Andre Johnson (wr) / @ Buf
W/R - Khiry Robinson / @ Dal

Bench - 
Larry Fitzgerald (wr) @ Bye
Mohamed Sanu (wr) @ Bye
Roddy White (wr) @ Min
Jerick McKinnon (rb) @ Atl
Allen Robinson (wr) @ SD
LeGarrette Blount (rb) @ TB

What I don't like: Andre Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald and Roddy White: all of these dudes should be getting touchdowns but they're just barely scraping the barrel. I'm tempted to them every week, one or all I feel like it's going to happen! I keep playing these dudes expecting them to open up but it hasn't happened yet. Will it happen? I'm beginning to seriously doubt it. Should I drop?

All the experts tell me every week to play Johnson, yet he hasn't produced and he's injured. I can't bring myself to play Roddy White 
and Julio Jones in the same game and you know I'm not about to put Julio on the bench.

I'm temped to put in LeGarret Blount instead of Andre Johnson.
And I feel like I should replace CJ Spiller with someone too, but I don't know. 

Also, you can see my players, position and opponent for Week 4. I'm looking for some Fantasy Football advice, if anyone at there has anything to say about this team: PLEASE TELL ME. It's been a wasteland out there, if you can't give any advice, maybe you can add or tag someone who would be interested. Thanks in advance.

#fantasyfootball   #nfl   #week4   #sunday   #football  

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Anyone know why this is happening? My Google keyboard did it. So I downloaded thumb keyboard and now it too has switched to portrait while in landscape.

All I do is Reddit and CoC, I haven't tweaked a thing.

I am running CM11.

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Can anyone make a boot animation out of this? Its used as the loading bar in Flux and I think it would be sweet as a boot animation. Just spinning in a circle looks pretty sick but I'm sure it could use a little other touch or something.

#android #cm11 #bootanimation

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Woooo. Just got the chance to try this out after moving this weekend. Really cool. I played without sound because I didn't hook up the speakers yet, but this beta is sweet! 


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I ran a mile today without taking any breaks to walk, that's the first full mile I've ever fully ran. It felt amazing! I started getting into it... again at the end of last month. Really impressed with my 8 minute average today. Felt the need to brag.

Also, this is Florida heat were talking about!

If anyone that sees this uses +RunKeeper as well, feel free to add me so we can keep each other motivated!

Maybe two miles by the end of the month!?!? Who is with me??

#running #onemile
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Pretty good. Thick. Really makes me want Ten Fidy though.
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