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Jeremy Lukan
I like stuff, and I like to do other stuff.
I like stuff, and I like to do other stuff.
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Decisions, Decisions....

Decided to change it up and get the HTC One from my Galaxy Nexus since the Moto X might be a disappointment this year.  I was really hoping for it to be a surprise announcement at Google I/O.  I'm happy with the HTC One, and don't even feel the need yet to Root it. Hopefully 4.2.2 with toggles comes soon though.  And the fact that I got $125 towards the HTC one for trading in a Wildfire with a cracked screen to Telus made the decision a bit easier.

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I came very close to upgrading to an HTC One, until I found out two major problems:

1) No quick toggles, which I use A LOT.

2) The Battery is pretty much impossible to replace without completely ripping apart the phone, it sounds like they put it in an impossible place. Step 11 here:

And my other option was to see if a White LTE Nexus 4 would come out with more internal memory, also disappointment.

But, the Vanilla Galaxy S4 is interesting, I assume you can Root and Unlock the Samsung S4 and install the Stock based ROM. What to do, What to do?

Does anybody else HATE the new Google Play Music.  They basically removed the main 2 features I use all the time.

1) Shuffle All - it is still there, but a pain in the ass to get to on Android, and the button doesn't exist on the browser version

2) Delete Song on Android - There is absolutely no way to choose to completely remove a song while listening on Android, WTF!

I guess I'm going to have to use the old version on Android, I really don't like the update.  And we still can't actually buy any songs in Canada.

Thoughts? +Ryan Munday +Ben Stolz Anyone else actually using it?

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I will have a significant change to my daily internet use with the loss of Google Reader.  Anyone Else?

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tar --help

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I just wanted to add a few Google Docs that have been created by +Paranoid Android fans to hopefully help out the Devs

AOSPA Bug Reports/Feature Requests

Unofficial Paranoid Android 2.99.x FAQ

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Just switched to a new Telus plan. $60/month Unlimited Canada Wide Talk and Text, 5GB Data. Only available until Dec 31 in Saskchewan and Manitoba. Other Provinces are $100 for the same plan.
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