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"Typo happens, man" - Random internet user
"Typo happens, man" - Random internet user

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[Movie] 'The Force Awakens' yet again.
The movie that we all have been waiting for was finally released on 2015. I thought of writing about it back then. Then I kinda forgot. Because I don't want to spoil the story for every other movie-goers out there. What's left of the Galactic Empire. But no...

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[Movie] 'Zoolander 2' stupid but entertaining
I'm going to be honest. I loved the first movie. I know people said that the movie was stupid. But I think that's the whole premise, maybe. In fact, it was even advertised to be so, with the teaser trailer where Stephen Hawking's voice calling Zoolander an ...

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'Bulletstorm' storms again
I never understand why Bulletstorm never gain traction or developed further into series. The game was actually quite awesome. Recently I heard the developers are going to release a remastered version of the game. Practically the same game, but better graphi...

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[Movie] 'Rogue One' and only
If you hadn't watched this movie when it came out, you should totally go to rent or buy the DVD. No, fuck that. Get the Blu-ray. Its totally worth it. You probably thinking, what's the different between this movie and every other Star Wars movies? It just g...

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Tera Online: the Valkyrie choose you
It's confirmed. Valkyrie, is coming to Tera NA on 11th of April. There were lots of speculation going on about the new class, particularly on the name of class, but now all doubts are gone like the morning dew against the rising sunlight. To be honest, the ...

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The Trump is real
So you guys expecting some happy new year, huh? Got big plan and exciting adventure up ahead? Well, new year always mean a new beginning. And a new beginning usually implies hope. But what if there is no hope? What if what awaits you in the future, is nothi...

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The Y2K17 is finally here
New year comes and goes. Some have achieved something, others, not so much. So what will this new year brings to us? New resolves? New goals? Or just more pain and suffering in this restless sleep that we called life? I haven't wrote much lately. The same g...

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Tera Online: The Guilded Age of Spellbounded Dragon
New age cometh. No more solo pleb gameplay, where everyone derped and hurt each other in the torrent of miserable jajajaja. All will submit, to the penultimate of MMO, where everyone either play together, or suffers alone. The Guilded Age is the newly revam...

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[Movie] 'Warcraft', reboot maybe?
One of the most anticipated movie in 2016. Why oh why, must you re-write something that was already successfully written? Don't get me wrong, the movie was still good. But somewhat detached. So in a way, it was a disappointment. Jeez, the orcs need a new pl...

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[Movie] I can see you, 'Ant-Man'
I been meaning to write about this film, released on 2015, but there were a lot of superhero movies out there. And because there were going to be sequels and crossover between the superheros' screens and whatnot, so I thought I wait until it's all out there...
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