New in Google Sync: Configure Delete for iOS
Posted by +Li Yin

Today we are adding a new feature to Google Sync that allows you to configure how the delete button on your iOS Mail application works with Gmail. When we launched Google Sync, we opted on the safer side and mapped the delete button to Archive to prevent inadvertent loss of data. Over the years, we have heard strong feedback from some of our users that you want to be able to control this behavior.

Starting today, you can change the default behavior by visiting from your iPod, iPhone or iPad browser (this will not work from the desktop) and enable “Delete Email As Trash." Once enabled, the delete button on iOS Mail app will now move the message to Trash instead of archiving it. If you want to archive, just move the messages to All Mail.

For more details on how to customize Gmail using Google Sync, check out our help center article:
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