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Hunt for your favorite antique pieces

Buying antiques online can not be exactly the same as digging through shop after shop, but certainly less stressful-and you have a better chance of finding that certain Herman Miller or Gustav Stickley chair you’ve been looking for that in all antiquity shops you have visited. From pocket watches antique silver and age of baby cribs for bathtubs vintage silver coins law, an offer goodies in our impressive selection will give you the same rush as antique shop out of the way!


Pre columbian, medieval, islamic, viking, ottoman, medieval ring, ancient artifact, ancient egyptian, gold, ring, ancient ring, fibula.

Reproduction Antiques

Chinese, jade, chiparus, botero, rodin, ming, black powder cannon, lamp, bronze, meiji bronze, western bronze, remington bronze.

Examine selection of antique furniture Mined Zone

If the equipment room with the essentials is your mission, you’ll find plenty of old for sale on Mined Zone furniture. Just choose your era and run with it! Maybe Victorian sofas are your thing, or maybe a modern mid-century dresser is what you are looking for. From 1950 games classic American cuisine to French to Chinese antiques furniture, you’re likely to find exactly what you have in mind.

Asian Antiques

Chinese, jade, cloisonne, netsuke, vase, ivory, tsuba, buddha, imari, satsuma, chinese robe, celadon.

Antique Decorative Arts

Art deco, lamp, mirror, art nouveau, tile, bronze, tea cups, vintage lamps, sevres, pewter, majolica, ormolu.

Maritime Treasures Shop

In love with the sea? You can find something to suit your boating needs on Mined Zone. Find unique wall art, like a steering wheel vintage bronze from a boat or a sailboat beautifully crafted metal. There are also large-scale sequence Ship Art, bookends bronze vintage sailboat and more.

Maritime Antiques

Whale tooth, diving helmet, model ship, ships clock, chelsea clock, hamilton chronometer, fishing nets, ships wheel, perko, marine chronometer, binnacle, bouys.

Antique Primitives

Primitive, aafa, primitive decor, primitive halloween, early primitive, primitive dolls, primitive fall, country decor, primitive pumpkin, primitive christmas, wooden barrel, rustic.

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Find something unique for your home

The move to a new place? Whether you’re looking to decorate a new house or fix your current, nothing gives a room more personality than some good old fashioned antique decorations. It accentuate a hallway with a beautiful carpet runner vintage or make a blank wall is highlighted with antique mirrors, antique paintings or frames retro watches. Art Deco or old primitive, there is something for your taste and sensitivity of decoration. And if you have antiques to sell – and does not want to negotiate with the owners of antique shops – collectors will be certain to find your bids on Mined Zone, if you have jade jewelry, treasuers Vikings, or old wooden boxes.


Incunable, Incunabulum, book, pamphlet, broadside , Almanach , printed , 15th century.

Antique Manuscripts

MS, MSS, document, written by hand , typewritten, , mechanically printed, word-processed, copy of a work, documents, books, codex , Illuminated.
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