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Family 2012 (844 photos)
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Reza Grayson pics and video...
Baby Reza (76 photos)
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Baby Reza (38 photos)
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great advice for tech consultants.

I think it may be time to sell Alaska to Canada. #thisishowwecanfixthiscrisis

Can I create a circle of people that I can just mute? I seem to only get see post updates from the same two people every day.

It's not really a true hangout until its done virtually.It's not a true statement without a #hastag. I had the same issue in RL for a while. Thank god for social media. It made my life legit. Google + made my life cool again. #InTheTimeOfChimpanzeesIwasAmonkey

It's interesting to me, when your computer bites the big one, it always goes to hell. There is no heaven for dead computers. #themoreyouknow

Google needs a -1 button.

I love the Google+ Design. I think, this big design shift may be Google's greatest acquisition.
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