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Rana Darbyshire

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Brownie cookies sandwiched with orange tahini cream (gluten free)
I have some news. I've left Dr D. Left him and moved back in with my mum. It's been emotional and somewhat of a roller-coaster, since I feel both terrible and extremely happy about it all at the same time: terrible for leaving my husband; full of joy at bei...

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Pear, chocolate and maple syrup banana bread
Would that I had green fingers. Well, when I say this, what
I mean is, I like the idea of having
green fingers and pottering about in the garden for hours on end. The actuality is I have neither the time nor the inclination, and the only
reason I like the i...

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Banoffee chocolate pasta
If you're anything like me and Dr D, your larder, kitchen cupboards and fridge will be full of ingredients that you bought eons ago and have never gotten around to using. Currently we have, amongst other things: sour cherries; grape jam; black and green oli...

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Chewy triple chocolate chunk cookies
When it comes to chocolate chip cookies I have pretty
exacting standards. Let’s examine: They must be
soft and chewy. A crisp outer edge is allowed, but beyond that, absolutely no
crunchiness, no sand-like crumbliness (save it for shortbread), no sogginess

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Easy-peasy chocolate orange fudge cake
Do you ever feel you've bitten off more than you can chew? And I don't mean in the literal sense (goes without saying that this is something I do all the time, in my eagerness to squish as much food into my mouth at any given moment). Recently I realised th...

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Salted almond butter and orange truffles
I once decided, in what was clearly a mahoosive fit of self-delusion and naivety about my willpower, that I should give up chocolate for a while. My abstention lasted all of about eight hours. The problem is, quite simply, when it comes to chocolate, I am w...

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Zaletti (Venetian biscuits)
Often, people who know me don’t realise that food/baking is
not the only thing I am obsessed with. My other passion is languages, of which
I speak four: my mother tongue, Urdu (albeit, I’m told, with a
cut-glass English accent which has resulted in many an ...

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Salted Rolo blondies
Whoa Nelly, am I relieved that January is over! It felt like a tortuously long 31 days of  everyone around me wanting to ram their New Year’s resolution successes down my throat. I mean, good for them, but they didn't seem to believe me when I protested tha...

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Chocolate and nut fudge
It's difficult for me to write a blog about cakes/baking/all things light and fluffy at this moment in time because, to be honest with you, such matters seem so trivial in the grand scheme of world events. I'm finding it hard to find comfort in the simple p...
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