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Pretty interesting piece. I especially like her response and later thinking during an encounter in which she was called "anti-capitalist":

“No,” I said. “I’m not.”
That night I found myself dwelling on the point. I am not anti-capitalist or indeed anti-anything; political systems are as imperfect and flawed as they may be helpful. They are structures, made by us – subject, like us, to entropy. The commitment to any singular ideology is dangerous.
Rather, I believe in values: honesty, openness, fairness, freedom. And freedom is something for which I understand the web to offer huge potential. The web is open, universal and decentralized. A structure that enables whole new social dialogues and ideas to exist and function, in ways never before thought possible. Voluntary systems we can opt in and out of, allowing us – perhaps – to co-exist between multiple possibilities, simultaneously and to meet different needs.

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Who would have thought that a few decades of genetic modification might prove inferior to selection processes spanning millions of years and breeding processes processes spanning thousands...

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This thing is worth reposting from time to time. I learn something new each time I study it, and it puts many economic arguments into perspective.

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+Joshua Wheelwright - you asked to continue the discussion, so here we go.

So, here are the grounds of current discussion - this list of points against Ron Paul. You tried to say his creationist slant wouldn't affect his politics, but I say it already has. We can continue on that point if you'd like, or we can choose another.

Mycal Whitlock - Yesterday 4:14 PM - Public

1. Eliminate the EPA:

2 & 3. Eliminate Public Schools & Privatize Education: and

4. Allow Drilling On Protected Land:

5 & 6. Deregulate The Market And Banking: &

7. Allow Discrimination:

8. Eliminate The Minimum Wage:

9. Destroy Unions And Workers Rights:

10. Destroy Women's & Gay Rights: &

11. Abolish All Gun Laws:

12. Promote Less Taxes for the Top 1%:

13. Promote Creationism over Evolution:

14. Eliminate All Public Safety Nets:

15. Protect Privacy of Sexual Predators:

16. Give No Amnesty or Immigrant Rights:

17. Value Property Owners Over All Others:

18. Eliminate U.S. And Foreign Disaster Aid: &

This reshare was solely inspired by the Paulbots on +Brenda Curtis's stream who haven't been bothered enough to educate themselves on the batshit insanery of Ron Paul.
I kinda dislike the one page here are the issues kinds thing because it is usually too hot button-y. But yeah, if you want to drop Ron Paul bombs in my threads here is why Oh Hell No, Not a fan. Nope.
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