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Dr. O'Hara was fabulous. My lenses had to be ordered twice and they are still unacceptable. The first time I was blamed and the second time I was met with a rude, extremely unprofessional and sexist owner. First it was the transition lenses, then it was the progressive and transition lenses. The progressive bifocals were labeled. There is numbering, lettering, and +/- signs on the lenses that can be seen by the naked I. And by someone looking at me while I'm wearing them! The 2nd time I had to go back it was Michael who 'helped' me. I told him I was very unhappy b/c this was the second pair of lenses and they were wrong again. As I was explaining the problems, he kept interrupting me. The first time was to tell me that all progressives have 'markings' on them. I replied that I have never had markings on any of the past 12 progressive lenses I have had and that progressives are meant to be 'invisible.' He raised his voice and retorted "Oh so now you know better than me,' this while he was walking away from me and continuing with his very loud nasty talk to me. When he returned with my glasses from the UV machine they were dark. I told him that they had never gotten anywhere near that dark and asked why. He continued his rant about how long he had worked in the Industry and how he knew more than me about glasses and bifocals. At that point I was so offended and repulsed by his behavior that I very calmly told him that I was not going to go down that path with him and engage in such a negative nonproductive interaction. I also asked him to walk away and not to speak to me again. Yes, it was that bad. While I was speaking with the receptionist in order to get my prescriptions He came back to me. This time yelling about the bifocal markings and with a book. Again, I calmly told him that I was not interested in engaging with him any further and he needed disengage and walk away because his manner was unprofessional and rude and that I was getting my prescriptions and leaving. He took a couple of steps away, turned back to me and said "I understand, I have 4 sisters!" I stopped and stared at him waiting for him to either walk away or who knows what. I finally spoke, saying "I don't know what you mean by 'you understand, you have 4 sisters' but I'm sure I could guess. However I had no desire to engage with such a rude, unprofessional, and obviously sexist jerk and that he needed to get away from me before things escalated.' He finally left. I was livid but I took my prescriptions, thanked the receptionist and left. I am still furious. I have paid almost $600 plus insurance and I still have flawed glasses and no contacts. Although I would recommend Dr. O'Hara, I would not recommend Fine and Park to anyone. No business that thinks this type of behavior is acceptable deserves to be in business. I take care of my eyes, as anyone blessed with the gift of vision should. I spend at least $1000 a year on my vision, not including insurance. I expect, as everyone should, my glasses and contacts to be perfect. Expecting anything more than a hostile staff and a disgraceful owner from Fine and Park is a setup for disappointment and a waste of money.
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I have owned more cars than most will in a lifetime and this is my second purchase from Planet Hyundai. I went back to them after wandering around many other dealer's lots and the web for a couple of weeks. I had a few non negotiable must haves and a short list of makes and models that I had already done extensive research on. Alex W. was our salesperson. At first I told him about the specific make and model we had come in to look at, my specific non negotiable must haves, and what exactly our needs where. Since the specific car we had come in to see was on the other side of the lot, we began to look at the closest vehicles that met my needs. I was very impressed with Alex's knowledge of the vehicles. He rarely referenced his information sheet and had extensive knowledge of the particular makes and models, even obscure facts that most people don't know. We never even made it to the vehicle I had specifically asked about. With Alex's help I found the truck I have always want for the price right price. I have received many comments on my new ride and have recommended Alex and Planet Hyundai to each and every person with a smile. And I will continue to do so. They even followed me home with my old car. The entire team at Planet Hyundai was fantastic. Thank you all for a joyful car buying experience!
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