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The fat in fried foods is digested more slowly, which can cause you to feel heavy and puffy.

If you’re only going on a run for 30 to 45 minutes, it’s not necessary to eat food first. Your body has enough energy to last that long, as it taps into its fat stores. If you are going to run or work out for more than an hour, it’s a good idea to eat something before you get to work.

If you crave alcohol what you really need is protein, avenue, calcium, and potassium. Healthy foods that have it consists of nuts, granola and oatmeal, and black olives.

Melt 1/4 cup of dark chocolate. Drizzle over fresh strawberries for a belly flattening dessert.

Hummus is made with chick peas, which are primarily fiber and protein. It will help you to fill up after your run, and the protein will promote healthy repair of your muscles. Prepare hummus without garlic, and avoid eating it before you run.

If you crave chocolate what you really need is magnesium. Healthy foods that have it are raw nuts and seeds, legumes, and fruits.

Turmeric has great benefits including it is anti-bacterial, wound healing, it reduces joint pain, an anti-inflammatory, cancer killer, an anti-depressant, liver detoxifier, and can balance blood sugar.

Raisins contain lots of sugar, which is exactly what you need to keep you going when your energy reserves are low. Just a small handful can make a difference!

There has been some controversy over whether Omega-6 can actually be harmful to the heart, but as long as you’re eating it instead of saturated or trans fats, and your omega-3 intake is sufficient, there should be no problem.

In terms of calories, one medium-size avocado has around 215 total calories. But, don’t let that scare you. Because of the healthy fat, fiber and phytochemical content, this super nutrient-dense food should only help you lose weight.
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