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Sleepy...woke up early to see the botanical gardens and got to catch a hummingbird and then let him go :-) it was so cool walking through the rainforest!

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In Costa Rica...having the time of my life!

Got back from my first plane ride to Houston...not the most fun trip but I learned three things
1. Taking off in a plane is really cool (i was all giggly) lol
2. People in airports are rude...SHOCKER
3. Landing scares the crap out of me...oh and so does Houston traffic

ANNNNDDD i just bought my plane ticket for ITALY!! WHOOO pretty much felt like I sold my soul though..crazy expensive
#broke #soworthit #imreadytogoalready  

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My fundraising site!

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I might have a heart attack before I even get there! The adrenaline is already kicking in! lol
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