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These are amazingggg~
Kickstart your new year look with these party-ready looks by Lovers + Friends.

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🎨✂️🙌🏻 'Creativity is inteligence having fun' 🙌🏻✂️🎨 #fblogger #qotd #quoteoftheday

Liking this new Google+

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Cool!! I want to try this! :D
A pastry chef in Lisbon, Portugal, has created a dessert of chocolate petals that bloom open as you eat it.
The chocolate petals are wrapped around chocolate mousse, whipped cream, sour cherries and sour cherries sorbet, all kept very cold on a chilled plate. Then, hot catalan cream is poured onto the cold plate.

“The temperature shock makes the petals open just like a natural flower and thickens the Catalan cream,” says creator Joaquim Sousa
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Tomorrow will be the beginning of my new diet... I have gained so much weight within the last 3 weeks at Waterloo, I feel pretty ashamed lol. So I pray that I will be able to lose the weight that I have gained!

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Congrats babe!!
Amazing: all 14 songs from The Weeknd​'s "Beauty Behind the Madness" have now charted.

12 of his songs are currently charting, the most EVER by a non-rapper.

Happy September, everyone!!! My first year at uni starts soon and I am very excited!!!
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