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...zurueck zu der anker ketten:0.)offshore tauch-boje setzen, wo ein wrack mit munition, fossilem treibstoff und/oder nuklear-technologie versank.1.)erkunden, ob militaerisches sperrgebiet.2.)falls "JA":als "seekriegsgedenkstaette" deklarieren.3.)falls "NEIN": "bergungsrechte" anmelden. Tauchdronen aussetzen und Seegebiet betonen.
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Shell nicht in die Arktis lassen! >>

Gestern hat der Shell-Vorstand seine Entschlossenheit bekräftigt, noch in diesem Jahr für Ölbohrungen vor die Küste Alaskas zurückkehren zu wollen - trotz weltweiten Protests und hoher Risiken für Mensch und Natur. Fordert US-Präsident Obama auf, Shell die nötigen Genehmigungen NICHT zu erteilen:
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Israeli NGO charges US Presbyterian Church with having ties to Hezbollah
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Reconnaissance de la Palestine : droite et gauche divisées
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La proposition de loi pour la reconnaissance d'un État palestinien, qui devrait être adoptée mardi par l'Assemblée nationale, divise la classe politique française toute entière, soulevant le débat au sein même des partis.
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%PIMCO, PALADINE, SPIELBANK LBB.% hab die 'badbankdresden' rubbelloskurse fuer 26 y'aehrige 'freistaatsanleihen' xB.R.D. GERADE NICHT IM RECHEN%SCHIEBER...
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Die Berliner Firma Mobisol bietet Haushalten in Ostafrika kompakte Solarsysteme an, die ausreichend Strom für die Grundversorgung einer Familie liefern.
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Die Berliner Firma Mobisol bietet tausenden Haushalten in Tansania, Kenia und Ruanda Solarsysteme an. Und die Nachfrage steigt überproportional.
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In Liberia haben deutsche Hilfsorganisationen eine Ebola-Isolierstation in Betrieb genommen. Acht Monate nach Ausbruch der Seuche ist nun auch die staatliche deutsche Ebola-Hilfe angelaufen.
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Die Schilddrüsenkrebsfälle bei Kindern nehmen nach den Reaktorkatastrophe von Fukushima zu. Erwachsene werden gar nicht untersucht. Alexander Rosen von Ärzte gegen Atomkrieg kritisiert die Behörden in Japan.
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The Official Israel Defense Forces Google+ Page.
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vietnam reversed?smoke pot, than squat...
#PTSD #veterans #marijuana  

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is considering giving former University of Arizona medical marijuana researcher Sue Sisley $2 million for her study.

Sisley's research on the possible soothing effects medical pot has on post-traumatic stress disorder sufferers is among eight grant proposals in the hands of the Colorado Board of Health.

"We were the only (research grant proposal) that was non-university affiliated to (possibly) receive funding, which is great," she said. "It is a huge achievement because it is the first time we have received government funding to look at the effectiveness of marijuana..."
Since being terminated at the UA earlier this year, Sisley has been searching for a place to house her study, which is in partnership with the California-based Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies.
Northern Arizona University passed on the research a few months ago and Arizona State University hasn't responded to the inquiry, forcing Sisley to move part of the study out of state. Veterans who suffer from PTSD and other advocates for months have been pleading the Arizona Board of Regents, which oversees the three state public universities, to keep the study here, without any luck.
Sisley said the study has overcome all federal hurdles, including the Food and Drug Administration's green light, except the team hasn't gotten the medical marijuana needed to start trials. It's up to the National Institute on Drug Abuse to decide when that's happening - a process Sisley said it's taken way too long.
"Initial approval came in March of this year...the final Public Health Service approval...months later and still no marijuana," she said.
The Colorado health department is set to confirm the funding next month.
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Hamas second-richest terrorist group in world, Forbes says
Gaza Strip’s Islamist rulers have $1 billion stashed away; only the Islamic State with $2 billion has a fatter wallet
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Central'EUROPE'' [NorthNorthWest],Scandinavia. Baltic C. seashepherd.
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