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Will Cruttenden
Trying not to be remembered for being good at paperwork
Trying not to be remembered for being good at paperwork

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The Golden Shovel and Gwendolyn Brooks
Just before I go back to writing about music, here's a discovery from the world of poetry. Whether you know of the work of Gwendolyn Brooks or not, this new form, The Golden Shovel, is a great idea. I've attached an article from the Poetry Foundation which ...

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New Chess
I'm gong through a chess phase again. My son is learning the game and getting good enough to put up a decent fight when we play. Meanwhile I'm reading The Rookie by Stephen Moss. It's the book I wanted to write but never got around to (there's a lesson) abo...

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This time last year I was with my mum and the rest of my family, at Blenheim Palace, celebrating mum's 90th birthday. My neighbours were becoming unbearable again and I was making plans for how to best look after my mum, whose Alzheimer's was increasingly a...

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Change can be good

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Top Ten Albums (sort of) of 2016
This has been another great year for music, if not for musicians. It's
always hard (as well as probably pointless) to compile a top ten list of albums
and this year it's as hard as ever. If I'd compiled a 'most listened' list it
would quite different though...

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Four years
It’s been four years since that terrible,
inevitable drive through the night to my parents’ house. Four years since I
arrived and found I was twenty minutes too late to say a goodbye. In some cases
time heals nothing and in this case I miss my dad.

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Warming up and the car-crash fingers
I decided it would do know harm to try an instructional video on bass warm up techniques. My usual warm technique is 'take the bass out the bag and tune it up'. I scoffed at the five whole minutes of physical warm up suggested before picking up the instrume...

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Where my brain has been today. 

Happiness is baking cakes with the children while dancing around the kitchen listening to Prince's 'It's gonna be a beautiful night' at volume.
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