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Armored Door Manufacturer with endless custom possibilities
Armored Door Manufacturer with endless custom possibilities

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What is an ARMORED door? And why should I know that.

I am quite new in the door industry and here many of you have been in the sector for years, maybe someone even for decades. Still, in the few months I have been in this sector I have been asked the title question a tons of times. What’s an armored door? Is it like a safe? Or more a prison-like door? It is good for cages(?!!)? It is possible to open it from inside? 
These are just a few question I have been asked along the way from people of all nationalities. So my doubt is: are really armored doors so mysterious to most of the people?

As I discovered armored doors are not popular in a big group of countries. For this reason there might be some of you who does not precisely know what I am talking about. Even thought, “international window and doors sales” group should be more prepared than the average here! 

Let’s have a brief introduction to let everyone join and enjoy this discussion. An armored door is a door with a steel counterframe, a steel frame and an internal structure and special lock that prevent breaking attempts. Armored doors divides into classes according to the kind of breaking attempt they can resist. A class 2 door can resist burglars with screwdrivers and such tools. A class 4 doors can resist even an electric drill. Just to give an idea. Being strong and thick, armored doors provide also thermal and acoustic insulation to the buildings in which are installed. Usually they are used for apartments, villas and commercial activities. 

Italy, France, Spain, Germany, and Switzerland are big fans of armored doors. They love them. And use them in all places! Luckily :). On the other hand, other countries like USA, Saudi Arabia, or Qatar do not really consider them and may not know what they’re all about. The reasons are several and I will point out two of them. Fell free to suggest more. 

1- Armored doors are about security. Yet not all countries need the security against breaking attempts that an armored door can provide. If you live in a European city you are used to apartment thieves and you are more likely to have such solution for your house. On the contrary, in Doha, Qatar, where criminality is around 0% why should I need an armored door for my house? And therefore companies did not spend many $$ in advertising their product, letting customers ignore their product.

2- Armored door are made with a steel core structure. People in many countries still dislike or are sceptics about using steel doors in their houses. Doors are made of wood right? That’s the common sense here. And it is right in a way. Still armored doors are the best in term of design as they can be easily adapted to every environment just by changing or choosing the right panels on it. Why aren’t we saying it out loud?

Well there might be many other reasons why armored doors are not popular in all countries and I invite you to share your views with me about it. However what I saw in the last months is that something is changing. Slowly but constantly people are more likely to ask me: “ehm, about that armored door..can you explain me a little more about it?”. And I like that. 

Please share your views on it if you have experienced what I am talking about!

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Time to show something new!

Unbearable strength, best safety and design: we are proud to introduce you to MAGNIFIKA the 

Albert Export welcomes  the new MAGNIFIKA door, the new extra safe armored door by Albert.
Thanks to its latest technical improvement the MAGNIFIKA is the only Class 4 armored door by Albert.
With a 25/10 mm frame, 16 strengthen points, 3 vertical structural reinforcements and 5 orizontal structure supports the MAGNIFIKA can provide 17 (seventeen!) closing points. The best for anti burglar protection, thermal and acoustic insulation. 
As always together with safety comes design. We are always convinced that our products must be technically perfect as well as beautiful. 

Discover more at
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A big thanks to our staff and to the Ivam colleagues for the great outcome of the Saudi Build 2014 Fair in Riad, Saudi Arabia. 

Thank you all!
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Albert Export doors is glad to invite you to Saudi Build 2014 in Riyadh to discover our latest product!

From 10th to 13th November.
We will be at the stand T411, HALL NUMBER : 5

Discover our latest products!
Thermal Insulated doors
Fingerprint locking system
Emergency exit doors

Come visit us!
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Breaking News!!!!
A new Website for Albert Export the same door quality!
Discover it at

New design and new graphic, but our doors are the same as always. 
Albert Armored Doors is very happy to announce our new website.
A new online page which allows every user to have a full surfing experience through the website. Always updated, and always fresh, form today it is possible to browse online our catalog, scroll and choose within our panels, and to discover our patterns and design. 
Everything from the same platform.

A big thanks goes to the team of @LacentraleComunica, who realized the new website in a stainless way.  
#door   #doors   #design   #madeinitaly   #armored_door   #securitydoors  
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We offer full customizable doors with the best thermal insulation. 

Thermal insulation means you can preserve your home from the warm and cold outside temperature. But that is not all. A good thermal insulated ambient means energy efficiency, and thus energy saving both during summer and winter. 

With our solution you can experience perfectly thermal insulated environment while enjoying the best door designs. You can choose between a wide collection of interior and exterior panels, colors and materials. 
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A preview of Albert Armored Doors panels.
With Albert Armored Doors, you can create your own personalized design.

Discover the possibilites @
or follow us on instagram @
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