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The premiere truckers tachograph app for Android and iPhone
The premiere truckers tachograph app for Android and iPhone


TruckerTimer 4.1 for Android has hit the Play Store. Over the next day this should be rolled out to all users of Android 4.0 and above.

The list of changes is quite long, and you'll notice an immediate difference with a bit of new design. From all the testing I've done it should be easier to use and understand than ever before.

Other hilights are:
* Brand new reporting system
* Proper reconciliation of reduced weekly rest periods
* Better GPS accuracy and improved control of the GPS
* New backup method, making transfer of logs between devices (or back onto device after a wipe) much easier

I'll also push a version for older Androids when I can (about 15% of TruckerTimer Android users are on old versions) but due to the difficulty of doing this I decided to get this one out first rather than have it held up.
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Always secure your load :O

From Russia, of course, land of many dashboard cams.
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The results of the Christmas holidays. This will soon be beta1 for TruckerTimer 4.1 on Android. Hopefully in a day or two.

The video is on my Nexus 7, and the first thing you'll notice is that it's a lot nicer on tablets than the current version. I think the visual changes also translate well to phone also. Everything from colours to fonts have been tweaked for better display on hi and low res screens of all sizes.

The video starts with a backup of over 3000 entries being restored by clicking it in a file browser. The new backup system allows you to email/bluetooth/save the backup and then just open it again to restore it -- much simpler!

Other big changes:
- Speed and smoothness improvements all around. There's no noticeable lag on my Nexus 7 with even the largest logs.
- Completely overhauled and much more powerful reports, including accounting for holidays.

I hope to have the beta available for testing within the next few days. A final release is still a little way off, as there's more to do and I'm off to visit family for a few weeks first.

Still planned before a final release:
- Overhaul of the GPS system for more flexibility.
- Adding of a complete reduced weekly rest to make up countdown.
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Version 4.0.6 is rolling out for Android. This just fixes a crash that occurs in Android 4.4, which only a few devices have just yet.

More substantial changes are still a work-in-progress, but I had to stop and fix this problem first.
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What's next for TruckerTimer? Well, I've got dozens of outstanding user requests, plus ideas of my own to add to the app.

If you want to peek at what I'm doing, I use a great free website called Trello to keep track of features in progress. I've made this public, so you can check this and even sign-up and comment on any of the in-progress features with your own suggestions and requests:
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I've just published a new free app for UK truck and coach drivers on Android -- Daily Defects.

The basic idea of this app is that you can run through your daily vehicle inspection, and then generate a report (a printable PDF) to send to someone or just archive for long term retention.

Currently, it's available on Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and upwards. I'll be adjusting it for older Android versions in the near future. 

Otherwise, this is (of course) a very first release, and I don't own every different kind of Android device to test it on -- please report any problems or issues you have and I can almost always fix it.

Checklists are included for the standard VOSA goods and passenger vehicle checks, but you can also add your own custom checklists to use if required.

If you have a defective item, you can add a note and a photo, which are then also included in the printable reports.

Google Drive and Dropbox are both good options to use if you want a long term storage solution for your reports. If one of these apps is installed on your phone, Daily Defects will be able to upload reports to it.

This app may not be for everyone, as some places might require very specific defect pads to be used. For everyone else, it's here and it's free. Currently only available in the UK -- if you are outside of the UK and want this just let me know and I'll sort it out.

The app will pop up an ad for TruckerTimer roughly once per week of normal usage -- but this disappears if TruckerTimer is installed on your phone.
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TruckerTimer 4.0.5 for Android has been released on the Play Store.

This release is just a few small fixes for some bugs reported over the last week, and shouldn't affect most users.
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Version 4.0.4 for Android is rolling out today.

This is a maintenance release, with mostly fixes for various small issues and specific devices.

* Fonts and layout improvements on HTC One and other hi-res phones
* Fixed some problems with the GB domestic driving rules
* Fixed some misbehaviour with the home screen widget
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TruckerTimer 4.0 has now been published for Android. This version will be hitting the Play store over the next few hours.

The biggest change is the refreshed "Driving" tab, with a new design that improves the readability of the app -- especially if your phone is a long way away in a dashboard cradle.

Another big change is the new ability to track your registration, trailer number, odometer and other notes inside your log. These details will be in the spreadsheet you get when you "Send" your log. Registration details are automatically carried over from previous log entries.

You can now also enable and disable all timers individually -- check the preferences for this.

Setting warning times is also now easier. On the main "Driving" tab just swipe the rule from left-to-right to expose and change the current warning time.

There's plenty of small bug fixes as well.

As always, comments, ratings and correspondence is welcomed -- let me know how I can make it better!
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