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Ahhhh-Mazing work being done by Imogen Heap. You might remember her Shrek2 song at the closing credits? She covered Bonnie Tyler's classic, "Holding Out for a Hero". but don't think she's a cover queen. Her originals have also been features on some of the hottest shows, such as "Hide and Seek" in The Last Kiss, "Let Go" in the film Garden State and "The Moment I Said It" was also used in the episode "Seven Seconds" of the CBS crime drama Criminal Minds.

Imogen Heap is one of the most prolific and unique artisans of music, visual art and plays an astounding number of instruments: keyboards, sampler, cello, array mbira, clarinet, synthesizer, guitar, drums, keytar, nail violin, organ, vocal percussion, Hang, vocoder and of coarse her own voice. I call her musical strain TechnoJazz, but even that doesn't give credit to the experiences she creates with all her being. Yes ... I'm a big fan.

Once again, Imogen Heap is expanding our definition of music in the form of digital gloves that lets her make music by moving her hands and body. Its simply mind blowing. Check our her Kickstarter video here. and if you think its a worthy project as I did, chip in. This will change EVERYTHING!

Wanna experience her musical glove song? Check her out on youtube here .... she first spends some time illustrating the mechanisms of the gloves and then uses them to accompany her in her song, Me the Machine. IF you want to get right into it, scroll to 12:33. Imogen Heap Performance with Musical Gloves Demo: Full Wired Talk 2012

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Hey all ... Dave Fliesen  (Sun Tzu/Joey Aboma) and I are presenting at the OpenSim Community Conference for the MUM project - the Metaverse Universal Marketplace. You can tap into the presentation here  via UStream

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Heeeeeeey all. What can you do in  Cloud Party the just 12 days? Come check it out here and see for yourself . Put your ears on and travel by foot to experience multi-layered artistic tribute to Edgar Allan Poe through audio, visual, musical and artistic storytelling.

TO EXPERIENCE go here -   
THEN VOTE here -

Voting end June 14 so only 2 days to see, listen and experience this limited time exhibit.

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Added photos to Metaverse Cultural Series 2013: Armchair Author.

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Join a brainstorming session with the 3D Web Think Tank as we look for ideas for kick starters to further the development of the Metaverse.  Put on your 3D thinking caps and lets see what we can accomplish together.
Date/Time: 05 May 2013 @ 11 am PST/MVT/SLT
Location: IEEE’s Artificial Intelligence Learning Center in Second Life

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Made my first HOW TO video about our new rug swapping system. Need feedback! :) Anyone game? :)

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Ixmal Supermarine
I was lucky enough to have met Linda a handful of times and I miss her already; though I respect her decision to leave virtual worlds, it is very sad that she felt leaving was the best choice.
And I have this message for the narcissistic, cowardly, sniggering bullies who poison the clear waters of the internet with their stinking bile of hatred – grow up, and learn to behave like civilised human beings. I hope you have the decency to be ashamed of yourselves.

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Greg (Fran)
I’ve worked with Tessa and others on SpotON3D for over a year now, and have posted a number of articles on their blog. Linda has been someone I have respected for a while because of her generosity to the Opensim community, and I was excited when she chose to be a part of SpotON3D. She is an absolutely delightful person to be around. From what I could tell, there were two reasons that she wanted to spend time here. First, she felt comfortable with the people that she met in the community and the support that she received. Second, she thought that SpotON3D would be a good platform for her to explore setting up a shop for some of her higher end products, while continuing to freely offer the majority of her work to Opensim users. I have no idea why some would choose to beat her up over this decision, but it really makes me angry…and it usually takes a lot to make me mad. In this age of instant dissemination of information, can’t we just stop and think before we write something that has the potential to hurt someone so deeply? Linda, if you’re reading this, I hope you are doing OK and I wish you the best.

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