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Looks like some of my favorite cycling routes are likely to get repaved in the next couple years.  They need it.   Looking at you, California north of Dwight, Wildcat Canyon, and the Berkeley side of Grizzly Peak.

h/t Berkeleyside

The official job posting text for an opening at my awesome company:

Meteor Development Group is hiring a full time office manager.

We make Meteor, a new open-source platform that lets hackers build rich, interactive web applications using JavaScript in a weekend, the kind of apps the currently take experts months to put together.  Our mission is to make it easy for as many people as possible -- not just expert developers -- to write great software.

There are 12 of us on the team today.  We got ourselves an office with lots of space (you could drive a truck right into it) where we can collaborate on hard technical problems, relax and think quietly, and have giant events with hundreds of Meteor developers each month.

The office manager will oversee all the day-to-day intricacies of
getting the most out of the team and the space.  You'll set everyone up with what they need to do great work, keep our space in excellent condidition, and figure out what more we can do to make working here more fun and more productive.  You'll be responsible for arranging healthy lunches and dinners.  You'll organize events for the team.  And you'll be the person making sure all our guests feel at home and have a great time with us.

A lot of this is about getting the details just right, understanding
everyone here well enough to figure out what they need before they know it, and being versatile.  We are very well funded and growing, so we are constantly reflecting on how we do things and what to change.

Yesterday: 30-odd mile bike ride, first serious bike ride in 8 months or so.  Involved some real climbs.
Today: Aerial conditioning.
Tomorrow: Ibuprofen.

The aerial sling workshop I just attended makes me want to convince Athletic Playground to rig one of their fabrics as a sling.  So much new-to-me stuff, and it was just the intro workshop!

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+Enne Walker and I are going to be teaching an introductory software engineering course specifically for trans and genderqueer folks at the San Francisco LGBT center this fall.

More information and application at

A proper aerial conditioning class for the first time in a few months -- I was out dealing with injury.

My endurance is nowhere like it was, but I feel glorious now. Looking forward to "gloriously sore" tomorrow.

So far two attempts at planning to meet up with friends today failed, so instead I went to the Berkeley farmer's market and ended up spending an hour hanging out with a six-or-so-year-old and teaching her some contact juggling. Sometimes life works out well.

I defended against a #zergrush on google plus. Three posts muted, probably more to mute incoming.

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As a culture, how do we roll back the executive power grab?

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This would have been a better UI to check every morning when biking cross-country. When there's a choice of route on a bicycle tour, I've found it to be quite useful to be able to pick the one that has the higher dot product with the wind.

(This was mostly a factor trying to go diagonally southwest in the Midwest, where the question was "is this a west day or a south day?")
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