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ok, I'm going thru this in the first wave now for possible 5.1 additions. Anything with under 5 votes will be deleted. Feel free to re-add your idea for the 5.2 round, but maybe explain it in more detail the next time around cuz many things posted on here were way to vague or lazily described that people probably skipped over them when voting most likely. Or your idea just plain sucked!....haha ;-)

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Project Volare has BaseHead license giveaways going on for the next 3 weeks!

a few good friends of mine started Project Volare
It's a 6-week short film series and guide to film making designed to help you improve your story telling. 
This is all FREE to check out and BaseHead is one of the sponsors and all over the videos!
Interact and ask questions to learn some new SH*T and at the same time get a chance to win one of three BH licenses that will be given away in the last 3 weeks which is starting NOW since it's in it's 4th week no. So get your butt over there ASAP and check it out...8)

Great Spotlight Video on BaseHead just added to FB also
Project Volare
Project Volare

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First 5.x Public Beta for PC coming in hot!

Read all about the hot new 5.x features that you can play with today that will take your workflow to the next level!


Accepting Request for version 5.2 now. All Approved 5.1 request were removed and put on our ToDo Lists now so we have a fresh slate now for 5.2.

Your job is to present your feature request and case in a way to rally others to +1 it. The more excitement you generate the better chance to get it in the program. Everyone thinks they have the one features that everyone else will also want. Let's see how good you are. 8)

How it Works:
The Features with the most votes get pushed up the priority list.
This is a 100% Public Community so lobby all your buddies to come say why they want the feature also. Comments why someone will also want the same feature will be worth more then simple +1's in my points system...hehe

Good luck on your ideas!


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GDC BaseHead Sale Y'All!

Ok, so in typical Game Developers Conference fashion there will be a 48 hour-ish flash sale in the BaseHead Store coming up to help me pay for all the drinks I  need to consume and buy at the BaseHead Social while up in San Francisco hahaha.  Don’t you want to support liver damage for your follow BaseHeads?? Seems like a good cause doesn’t  it?  ;-)

This year's sale is all about upgrades to 4.x Ultra from either an internal version or from 2.x or 3.x   Some upgrade deals will be as low as 40-50% off in the store for this very limited time period. New licenses have a few bucks knocked off them also, but this in mainly about upgrades this time around.

These offers are ONLY good from the moment I step on a plane to San Francisco till I arrive back still hungover in Hell-A!  Not a minute or second longer.

The sale window will be approximately from 12 noon on Wednesday (tomorrow) to Friday March 3rd at 6pm California time. The sale prices will be displaying in the store between these hours, so get your credit cards out and ready to help support the cause!  Lol!
Store Link:

BTW....Anything purchased in this time frame won't be shipped or delivered until Saturday.

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Going to Game Developers Conference?

I'll be up at GDC next week teaching all the nerds how to drink and be cool!   haha 
and...taking a few meetings cuz I probably should do something else while I'm there besides drink while avoiding the Walking Dead infested throughout that city.... ;-)

If you are gonna be up in San Fran Weds thru Friday hit me up for a quick meetup!
Also the annual BaseHead GDC Social is taking place on Thursday between 4 - 6pm when we try to wipe out the bar in 2 hours.  Email to RSVP for that to network and get your drank on with other BaseHeads!

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Attention SFX Library Manufactures...
Check this out!

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Was it the Fashion Police that issued the ticket??  
cuz that thing is Fugly!!
About as hip looking as a 1980's calculator watch!  hahaha

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About as cool looking as an 80's calculator watch.
Soooo Fugly!
I'd go Moto360 personally!

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