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Finally... ICS for my SGS2... I has a happy. Sleep time now.
Good night, G+tham

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Yes. It's here. Amazing.

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I think I may know why my account has not been deleted by +Google+

According to the names policy on Google, I am within my rights to use this name.

"Use your common first and last name.

By using your common name, you'll be able to connect with people you know and help them find you. Indications of membership in professional, educational, societal or religious entities, such as "Dr.", "Rev." or “Professor” are not allowed in the first or last name fields.

Violation examples: Doctor Stan Livingston, Bill Smithwick DDS, Rev. Jim Copley, S. P.

Most people use their legal name, or some variant of it, in the real world. We recognize that this isn’t always the case and allow for other common names in Google+. If we challenge the name you intend to use, you will be asked to submit proof that this is an established identity with a meaningful following. You can do so by providing links to other social networking sites, news articles, or official documents in which you are referred to by this name. Note that this name and your profile must represent you, and not an avatar or other secondary online identity. Profane or offensive names are not allowed."

I have added bold for the relevant sections.

The policy DOES CLEARLY STATE that you may not impersonate anyone else. I am in NO WAY claiming to be Batman, or the Bruce Wayne created by Bob Kane. I believe I make it perfectly clear that my REAL LEGAL NAME (for now) is +Bryon Leggett. I don't expect I will have this account verified under this name until I can afford the court costs associated with my name change, and can submit proof of my new legal name, but I do believe I am within the rules of conduct for using Google+.

Please let me be 100% clear when I say I am not trying to dredge up that fight with Google+. I DO support the use of pseudonyms, so long as they aren't offensive, but I've seen how that war ends. Horribly. Not in my favor.

I'm not going to publicly call out any Google reps here, as that would open a can of worms I don't want to be responsible for...but here's to hoping I can retain my identity, because I AM following the guidelines set forth.

I can't say I have a substantial following on this account yet, but over 7000 people circled the account that was deleted. I would say that is a pretty good indicator that I had a substantial following....yes?

I welcome your opinions on this topic, even if they are not in line with my own. I am perfectly capable of handling a discussion like a grown up, and don't expect you to all agree with me.

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Reshared in case my account gets deleted. I invite your opinion on this subject...
(shared direct to protect the originators pseudonym from +Google+)

I agree entirely that our government has grossly overstepped their bounds.
First of all, he is being charged for US crimes that are not crimes in his country.
Second, he is being charged for the content on his servers that he did not put there. The amount of data flowing in and out of these types of servers per SECOND is staggering. Trying to track what is being stored is not only a technological marvel, it's physically impossible. I used to frequent the site for custom ROMS to use on my phones. A completely legal reason.
The webmasters regularly removed content that was deemed against various copyright laws. They were doing everything in their power to curtail internet piracy. The site existed fire entirely legitimate reasons, much like CNET. The difference is, CNET does not allow it's users to upload their own files, because they were a commercial software site. Mega Upload was not. It was a file sharing service.
Their terms of use were clearly defined, and they (Mega Upload) had violated no copyright laws.
I wonder how much pirated software is shared via Drop Box, or similar cloud services? Should we hold the founders of these sites liable for every file on their servers? What about Microsoft Sky Drive? Anyone can host up to 25 gigs for free. Should we prosecute Bill Gates?
This is the sort of danger posed by legislation such as CISPA. I strongly disapprove of these types of invasion of privacy, and will oppose any such legislation. My stance on civil liberties, and personal freedoms should be quite clear by now. I stand FOR the people, and oppose any government actions that infringe on our rights in any way.
This attack on Mega Upload was not anything to curtail piracy, or to protect us. It was a raw display of aggression and power. This is a scare tactic, much along the same lines as the Napster debacle several years ago. Shutting down a legitimate file sharing service simply because some of it's users misused it was not only wrong, it was unconstitutional.
We should be outraged that our government feels they can "police the globe" with impunity. We must stand up, and let our voices be heard. Write your congressmen, boycott companies supporting such legislations, and most of all, speak with your votes! We can only make a change if we MAKE a change.

Please discuss...

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Real life, folks...this is reality for far too many Americans.
We need to make a change in this country. The rich keep getting richer, while the poor keep getting homeless... Let's discuss what we can do to fix this. I have ideas, but they're very unpopular...
I invite your input.
People seem to have a hard time understanding that my definition of broke is very different than theirs.
If I say I am broke, it means I have NO the bank, in my pocket, under my mattress, no money.
My parents recently said to me, "we're so broke." My immediate thought was, "you have a comma in your BANK ACCOUNT. You aren't broke."
Recently, I had our only vehicle break down...needed a new transmission, and a new engine, so I had to get SOMETHING, ANYTHING. I never buy vehicles that cost more than $2000.00 because I know payments ALWAYS kick me in the ass...well, I had to have something THAT DAY, so I sold my xbox, playstation, TV, and several other big ticket items I owned to get money together. The only vehicle I could get was a van for $5000.00 and I put $1500.00 down. I got within $500.00 of having it paid off, but I was faced with the decision to feed my kids, or keep the van. I defaulted on the van... I spent $5500.00 ($1000.00 interest because he took payments instead of a cash sale) to lose that van. Luckily, during the time I had the van, I bought a pickup with 350k miles on it for $900.00, so I wasn't completely screwed, but the fact remains, I lost the van with ONE PAYMENT, and my TV, all my video games, and several other items I sold to buy the van.
I live one paycheck from oblivion at all times.
Last night, I had a water pipe break that ran for who knows how long before I got home from work... This has happened at LEAST 7 times because the pipe is old and crappy. My landlord mentioned that the grass was getting high...I told him I was going to try to get the neighbors who don't like me to loan me their mower, to which he said, "what's wrong with the mower (his mower, part of a package deal with the rent, which I have spent countless dollars, and hours repairing because it's old and crappy) there?" I explained to him that he hasn't had the tires fixed yet, that he told me he would fix. "Oh, yeah...well, I'll get that fixed soon," was his response.
Now, I have a County man writing me a ticket for my grass, an unknown water bill (these pipe bursts usually cost me a couple hundred dollars more than my normal bill), and my electric bill, and my rent, and my, and, and, and....
Yes, I understand what BROKE means.
If your definition of broke means you can't afford to go to Starbucks, you aren't broke. You don't know what broke means. You can't identify with REAL BROKE. Please, if you have never been FLAT BUSTED BROKE, don't complain to me about your money problems.
Your local senator hopeful

(tl;dr - I got 99 things, but a dollar ain't one)

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I will stand for the down-trodden.
I will fight for the 99%.
I can be the hero the United States deserves!


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I scream, you scream, everybody scream for #BatmanDay

Today is actually BATMAN DAY!?!

Don't give up on your dreams, +Bruce Wayne 

reposted because I expect my other account to be deleted


Good evening, G+tham. I come to you this evening with a confession. I am afraid I have not been entirely honest with you. While there is never a good reason for lying, I have my reasons, which I will get into in a moment, but I want to start by saying that I am truly sorry for deceiving you.

My name is not Bruce Wayne. My name is +Bryon Leggett.

As I said before, I have my reasons for this deception.
>First of all, most people call me Bruce Wayne, because of my (possibly unhealthy) obsession with Batman. I decided to use this name on Google+ because I had need to protect my real name. When I first joined Google+, I was a local business owner as part of a partnership. My views and opinions are generally unpopular with fundamental Christians, and I live in the middle of the bible belt. I have seen what Christians in my area do to people who disagree with their views. I have seen my friends homes burned to the ground by religious zealots, simply because they were openly pagan. As part of the partnership I was in, I had to play politics constantly in order to maintain my position, or risk being bought out, and having nothing. Also, I generally do not like to involve business in my personal affairs. As a highly public figure in my community, I did not feel that it was a good idea to expose my real identity, as it would have been frowned upon by the community, and my partners (who are also outspoken Christians mostly) and would have put my business, and therefore my family at risk. Well, most people call me Bruce, and the "rules" of Google's "real name policy" state that you may use the name by which you are commonly known, so it only makes sense to create a new account under the name Bruce Wayne.
>Next, my original #ReleaseBruceWayne tirade was just my way of throwing a childish temper tantrum. I openly admit, I was butthurt, and angry. I had no intention of lying to anyone, or even making a big deal of it. I just wanted to get a tag to the top of the trending list BECAUSE I COULD. Some friends and I found that we had the power to manipulate the trending list simply by spamming a hashtag. I used that to my advantage. At one point, a few people started complaining about the spam, and a friend came to my defense, stating that my real name WAS in fact Bruce Wayne. I know I shouldn't have, but I ran with it. As time went on, I realized that my temper tantrum had polarized people all over Google+. People were talking about something important: Censorship. Whether you were for me or against me, almost everyone knew me. People were talking ABOUT me, even if they weren't talking TO me. They were talking about the censorship that was occurring. I honestly wanted to come clean, but it had grown bigger than me and my tantrum at that point. It had become a topic WORTHY of debate. I had actually made a difference. I had made an impact. I had taught people that they could fight for what they believe in.

I want to apologize to anyone who had their friendships stressed by my deception. Please know that those who stuck up for me did so truly believing my name was Bruce Wayne. They were not being deceitful...they were being deceived. Please do not hold this against them. If you want to be angry with anyone, I ask that you direct your anger toward me.

Having said all of that, there was one thing I was not lying about: My real name WAS verified using false credentials. During the days of invite-only beta, when you got popped for a fake name, you had to verify your name to continue to use Google+. I used to post under the name "Brother b" when I was nailed for the pseudonym. I was forced to prove my real name. I had no interest in sending Google, the world leader in cataloging every human being on the planet, my drivers license, but I wanted to keep using Google+. What did I do? I created a fake website with my real face and real name. I used a server that seemed legitimate enough, and had a friend create a sub-domain for me with a real enough sounding web-address. I would imagine this is why +Vic Gundotra, +Natalie Villalobos, and other +Google+ people didn't just come out and tell you all I was lying. At any moment, +Vic Gundotra could have PROVEN my name wasn't Bruce Wayne. He knew FOR A FACT that I was lying, yet he chose to let me run amok, so he wouldn't have to explain why my account was verified based solely on a web site.

I invite you, +Vic Gundotra to do a whois on my web-domain because it's registered to Bruce Wayne. My real name was verified by a website, why not verify my real identity by a website?

I realize that I will likely have to send Google my drivers license, and perhaps even more information to keep my new +Bryon Leggett account, but considering my recent decision to run for senate, I think my identity will become public knowledge rather quickly, so I'm not as concerned at this point with such issues.

I would also like to add that I have been taking steps (since before I created the first Bruce Wayne account) to have my name legally changed to Bruce Alexander Wayne, primarily due to the fact that most people know me as such, and partially due to my dream business. As the founder of WayneTec, it would be a very positive thing for my name to actually be Bruce Wayne. Obviously, I have not completed the process yet, primarily due to financial issues, but I will hopefully have the process complete in the near future, and will be getting my new "real name" verified on Google+.

Again, I'm very sorry for my deception, and I hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive me, and understand my reasons for doing so.

I will be reposting this from my +Bryon Leggett account, because I fully expect this account to be banned immediately when +Vic Gundotra and +Natalie Villalobos see their notifications. I hope that you will be able to see this post before this account is deleted, and those who have interest can find me.

Thank you for your time, and have a good night, G+tham.

[TL;DR - I'm not Bruce Wayne (yet) and I'm sorry I lied to you. Please follow me over to my new "real name" account at +Bryon Leggett]"

Let the flaming begin.

Welcome to my "real" profile, assuming Google doesn't delete this account, too.

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