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You're invited! Cool Event Seminar being held at the Ballantyne Resort on July 17th. Please see ticket below. RSVP by calling Revita at 704-847-0011 by July 10th.

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The Testosterone Debate

Recently, there was an article published in the local paper titled “Hormone”, and Dr. Fotinos has provided responses to quotes within this article. It also must be made clear when discussions on hormones are related to synthetic hormones or bio-identical hormones. The article and quotes below are directly related to synthetic hormones, which do pose potential health risks. Bio-Identical Hormones are what Dr. Fotinos prescribes and are safer for you and actually assist in decreasing risks for future diseases. Not only that, they also help you regain overall physical, mental, and sexual vitality while lengthening your lifespan.

The level of care associated with bio-identical hormones far exceeds synthetic hormone treatments as well, as synthetic hormones are generally not prescribed by age management doctors or bio-identical hormone specialists.

“Researchers say it’s unclear whether the issues associated with aging- decreased sex drive, less energy, reduced muscle mass- are the result of low testosterone or other factors.”-

Response: Actually, the root cause of aging is hormonal loss. Testosterone is required to build muscle, to have a libido, etc. All of these symptoms are directly related to declining testosterone levels. That is why a 20 year old or someone using testosterone is able to build muscle easy and effectively than someone at age 50. Blood panels drawn are so thorough that they can accurately pinpoint if it is testosterone, other hormones, or associated with blood counts or organ functioning. An anti-aging specialist can accurately pinpoint the root cause of a patient’s symptoms and appropriately diagnose going forward.

“Most experts say testosterone is as effective as anti-wrinkle face cream when used to reverse the effects of aging.”

Response: Many doctors use synthetic or chemical treatments to “cover stuff up” or to band-aid the symptoms, so it would make sense that there are comments stating that these treatments are not effective in directly causing reverse effects in aging. Doctors who do not practice or are trained in age management may prescribe low doses or synthetic testosterone which slightly alleviates the noted symptoms of low testosterone. They treat the symptoms and not the patient, and many times these doctors do not even draw the blood work to determine it is indeed testosterone or potentially something else. It is pivotal to analyze the appropriate blood work to address the true and root causes of those symptoms. When those are addressed and treated with bio-identical hormones, it is significantly noted that it provides overall success for patients in relief in how they feel and how their blood work and levels improve. Their blood work clinically indicates that they are physically improving, and their blood work shows that their levels are in more youthful ranges. Youthful ranges are a true indicator of proving effectiveness in the reversal of aging. When patients share how they feel overall, they share significant improvements in all aspects of how they think, feel, and perform day-to-day.

“Test results are hit or miss: Blood tests for testosterone are so unreliable- and saliva tests are worse.”

Response: Once again, this would mainly apply to testing ordered by doctors who are not specialists in age-management medicine. Typical tests ordered to address testosterone levels are a simple testosterone test. Free testosterone and Sex-Binding Hormone Globulin are two additional tests to show how testosterone is truly functioning or being used in a patients system. These three tests combined will show accurate readings of patients levels, and in turn help your age management doctor to appropriately prescribe treatment. Blood tests are more commonly used to determine patients’ levels. Many times saliva tests can be drawn as well, but are more commonly used to address cortisol levels, as cortisol fluctuates or spikes throughout the day and helps explain why patients may notice fatigue or sleep disturbances throughout the day, hence helping the doctor to provide appropriate care. That is the goal. So, in conclusion, blood tests are completely reliable if the appropriate and adequate amount of tests are ordered and analyzed by an age management specialist.

“Meaning of “low” and “normal” is unclear: Doctors don’t exactly know what “low” is.

Response: All labs have ranges that are considered normal in regards to all blood panels draw per the patient’s age group at the time the blood is drawn. The ranges for normal for testosterone are vast between. A patient could be at the bottom of these “normal” ranges, hence the hormone could be “low-performing”. If it is low-performing and the patient has noted symptoms of typical low testosterone, then it is obvious that a patient is experiencing a gradual decline in their testosterone levels. The goals of testosterone replacement are to optimize patients’ levels so that they are clinically indicated to be in youthful ranges and to experience relief of their symptoms and changes in physical performance. So, it’s important to not look for normal, but to reach for optimal.

“Testosterone therapy is still a “scientifically unproven method” for preventing or relieving the physical and psychological changes that men with age-appropriate testosterone levels experience later in life.”

Response: A 60 year old is age-appropriate and his symptoms are normal for his age, but who wants to feel weaker and physically and psychologically? If blood work is monitored monthly as treatment adjustments are made, it is clinically indicated and proven that patients’ levels are optimized to youthful ranges. And, patients will voice that they notice obvious changes in their mental, physical, and sexual performance.

“Treatments have potential side effects…such as genitalia enlargement or aggressive behavior. Many researchers believe that supplements can put men at greater risk for prostate cancer-or stimulate growth of cancer if it is already present-and perhaps even greater risk for stroke, because it increases the production of red blood cells.”

Response: These studies revolve around synthetic testosterone replacement treatments where a patient’s levels were not closely monitored monthly and appropriate care was provided. Synthetic hormones just like anything foreign placed in your body can increase your risks for cancers. Bio-Identical Hormones are natural hormones that are safer for your body, as they are natural (not foreign) to your body. Bio-Identical hormones have been studied to show an obvious decline in cholesterol, improvements in cardiac function, and actual decreases in risks for diseases and cancers. No studies have shown that bio-identical hormones increase risks for cancers or diseases. And, age management doctors monitor patients’ levels so closely that there are no risks for levels to be abnormally elevated or to risk putting a patient in danger. No study has show increased risk for prostate cancer. Recently, a study showed improvements or regression of prostate illness in men that were on testosterone.

“Men who supplement with testosterone shut down their own factory. “If you’re taking it long enough, you don’t get testosterone production or sperm back.”

Response: Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement is used to supplement the levels that your body is already naturally producing. If you discontinue using the supplementation, then your levels just return to what your body is naturally producing. It makes sense. Without the additional testosterone replacement, your body unfortunately goes “back to normal”. The natural production is not shut down by testosterone replacement. Any shut down or decline experienced by a patient is due to a patient discontinuing treatments or supplementation. Also, experienced age management doctors monitor a patients testosterone levels to manage fertility. There are other natural hormones that boost fertility and improve sperm counts, so this is alleviated and prevented as well. To properly manage, optimize, and supplement testosterone, it must be for as long as the patient wishes to feel at their best. Many patients utilize testosterone replacement for life.

Great quotes from well-known doctors and television hosts:

"Better sex. Increased vitality. Improved health. More Muscle. Greater Mental Agility. These are just a few of the life-enhancing benefits of testosterone therapy for men…"
~ Abraham Morgentaler, MD. Associate clinical professor, Harvard Medical School. From the Experts at Harvard Medical School and their recent book 'Testosterone for Life'

"He (a medical hormone specialist) took one look (at my labs) and said 'your hormone tank is empty. That's why you feel like your life force is being drained.' My eyes welled with tears. Finally someone understood and had a solution…. After one day on bio-identical estrogen, I felt the veil lift. After three days, the sky was bluer, my brain was no longer fuzzy, my memory was sharper. I was literally singing and had a skip in my step."
~ Oprah from O Magazine, February 2009

Great Quote from The Dr. Oz Show:
"This Diet is worth trying."-Dr. Oz  (In reference to hCG Diet)

"I weighed the risks and benefits of being obese verses the low doses of the hormone and felt this diet was worth trying." -Dr. Sanjeev Patel, Cardiologist  (In reference to hCG Diet)

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The Revita Difference
When you are not feeling like yourself, your family and work life is impacted, you can't focus, your relationships are strained due to decreased libido or even mood swings, you really want to feel that your doctor is working hard to help you feel better and manage day-to-day a consistency in how you feel. There's no need to continue riding this hormone rollercoaster...Let Revita change your life!
At Revita, we differ from other clinics in the care the doctor provides, the types of treatments we offer, the extensive nature of our bloodwork, and the feeling of support as if you are a part of the Revita family.
At Revita, you will always meet with a REAL doctor. I know, it seems strange to word it that way...but it's the best way to explain the level of care we provide. At many other clinics, you may never meet with a doctor, you generally are rushed through appointments and then later meet with a less qualified assistant within the practice. At Revita, you meet with a doctor who has blocked out an hour on his schedule to personally and individually meet with you, where he'll share with you about your health goals (long-term and short-term), conduct a basic physical exam, evaluate your current symptoms and the severity of the symptoms to produce an initial analysis of where your levels may be low or high, and share with you where he feels your potential treatment path is headed, but most we can help you feel better and get your old self back.
We only specialize in natural treatments, such as Bio-Identical Hormones and natural supplements. Our treatment options are chosen by our doctors because they are best absorbed in your system to provide optimal results. Also, they can be easily and readily adjusted if a patient needs improvements in their treatment. We do not offer pellet treatments at Revita, as we feel it places our patients on a hormone rollercoaster that they are already wishing to get off of. In the beginning of pellet treatment, the hormone levels are high, but they quickly diminish after a couple of weeks. The patient is left with 2.5 months of no hormones, and feeling just like they did before they started treatment. The downsides of pellets are that they are invasive surgeries where pellets are implanted in your flesh, and they can not be removed or "re-implanted" until the end of the 3 month period. You are literally stuck without treatment and no relief can be provided. Although, the clinics you are seeing have already financially benefited from your pellet purchase. At Revita, we offer treatments such as creams, sublingual tablets, gel capsules, etc. These treatments that are easily absorbed, not harsh on your liver, and can be quickly adjusted the moment that you wish for an additional improvement. This brings us to the support structure and care our doctor provides.
Our staff is readily available to you. When you call Revita, you will reach a live person. We are committed to this. If all staff members are with patients, then you may leave a voicemail, but we strive to return your call before the end of the business day (not one, two, three days or weeks later like many other practices). Other clinics, you may call multiple times, hitting selections to be directed to the correct staff member, only to leave a voicemail knowing that you will not likely receive a rapid return call. Our staff members are also accessible by email, and many of our emails go to our personal cellphones, so that we can provide support after office hours as well. Our medical doctor is exactly the same way, as he will provide you with his email address at the time of your first visit, so that if you ever have a medical question or need an adjustment in treatment, you can email him as well, and he is amazing about rapidly responding. Additionally, we provide weekly check-ins to be sure we are monitoring your care throughout the first 6 months of treatment. We provide complimentary phone appointments in-between your in-office visits for you to share with the doctor any questions you have about your treatment, so that he can continually strive to improve your treatment plan to help you feel better sooner. It is important to us that we make you feel as part of the REVITA family and that you feel welcomed, invited, and truly cared for. Our goal is to exhibit that we really understand the nature of your symptoms and how they are impacting your life and how you feel, and it is our goal to be sure we are helping you feel better as quickly as possible.
The bloodwork we order is also different than many other clinics. Initially, you may have all hormone levels analyzed, but if you are interested in maintaining thyroid levels (maintaining energy, moods, body temperatures, improving hair, skin, nails, and overall managing weight gain), then these clinics will not be able to assist you. Follow-up bloodwork at other clinics may only analyze testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone, which are only three hormones. There are more than three hormones networking on a daily basis and must all be optimized at the same time to create that perfect balance in how you look, feel, and perform. If you are not addressing these hormones as a whole, it will begin you again on a hormone roller coaster that you never wanted to be on in the first place. At REVITA, we analyze your levels monthly, all of your levels, to see trending in how you are improving and make incremental adjustments when necessary to continually strive to optimize your levels. We want your levels be optimized but also balanced, where the hormone partnership is where it needs to be. Once your levels are optimized and your health goals are achieved, we can be confident to support you through maintenance; instead of rushing you to maintenance before your levels are where they need to be.
Our goal at REVITA is to provide treatment that provides daily, consistent relief. We want to provide support by our medical doctors and staff that you feel you are truly cared for like family and your feelings matter. We also strive to provide care that is thorough, comprehensive, medically supervised, and personalized. We truly care about our patients, and want to provide them elite levels of treatment.
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