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David Chan
Teacher, Husband, Father, Sports and Gadget Addict.
Teacher, Husband, Father, Sports and Gadget Addict.

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GSuite Updates - March 28, 2017 - Capitalization and Calendar Privileges
Quick access to ALLCAPS and lowercase, as well as Title Case now available in Google Docs: Admins also have the ability to assign Calendar Privileges, specifically managing Calendar Resources and/or the Calendar app settings in general.   For more thoughts ...

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Keep on Google Keepin' On - Why I Moved to Inbox by Gmail and Google Keep and Away from Google Tasks
Long time, no blog.  Yep, now that that's out of the way, let's dig into why I chose to write after a nearly two year hiatus. I pride myself on being responsive via email. My colleagues probably get sick of me talking about Inbox Zero, and my family probabl...

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Meeting Agenda/Deck for our 12/10/16 Google Certification Workshop, held at Evanston Township High School.

We'll use this space to continue our learning, ask/answer questions, and celebrate our certification successes.

Open to anyone to participate.

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The Northern Illinois Computing Educators (NICE) is hosting a Google Certification Workshop on Saturday, December 10 (9-12pm) at Evanston Township High School.

We are looking for any interested Level 1, Level 2, Trainers, or Innovators who would like to share/lead a session to help others get certified. Let me know if you're interested/available. It's a great way to get some training hours in for you certified trainers.

The workshop is open to all NICE members. For more information, please the ICE website:


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Hey GEGCHI, this was shared a few weeks ago, but there is lots to think about here.

Feel free to discuss, share, and brainstorm amongst yourselves.

How can we integrate computational thinking with dispositions early on in school so that students are set up for success in the working environment?

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Join Zones and @Cisco for a Security in Education event - 10/19/16 (9-1:30pm) at the Cisco Rosemont Office. Free registration, limited seats available:

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ETHS is hiring - join +Mina Marien and +David Chan as we add a 2nd full time Technology Integration Specialist. We'll be full 1:1 with Chromebooks next year (3,300+ students), expanding our ChromeZone (student tech support center) and renovating our non-fiction library this summer. Come join the E-Town team!

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Hi all, 
If you have recently taken the Level 1 or Level 2 certification exams and participated in any of our Study Groups, please complete the feedback survey.  More to come in terms of Study Groups and other fun GEG CHI stuff after our Leadership Camp in April.  Happy Spring!

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OK, Study Group - it's reading week. That means study time for the big exam. If you haven't registered, please find the link below. Please continue asking any questions as you prepare. All of our facilitators (and anyone else) will be able to answer and support. Lastly, leave a comment once you've taken the exam. Let us know how it goes (without sharing answers of course...). Stay tuned for additional study group ideas, including a possible face-2-face group!

Welcome to week 9 of our 9-week Google Certified Educator Level 2 Study Group! This week we are focusing on Unit 9: Give Students a Voice.

In this unit, you’ll learn to:

-Facilitate healthy discussions both online and in the classroom
-Use technology to achieve a group goal
-Develop an authentic audience for student work
-Help students mobilize their community and inspire change at their school
-Combine their skills and the tools they know to inspire positive change for a wider community

Here are some questions for you to consider as you get ready to start the week. This is the last unit!

1. What is one example where you engage students in discussion in your class? Is it synchronous or asynchronous and have you tried both?
2. How have you had students publish their work online? Share a success story or offer advice for others just starting out.
3. What is one opportunity students have a chance to have their voice heard in your classroom or school?
4. How have you involved the community with your class or school?

This is such a great opportunity to invoke true change in schools, and it can start in your own classroom. Please share ideas at any time. Looking forward to it!

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