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Hi my name is Jeff Morland and I am a tenant with a Social Housing Association. I have started this community as I am becoming extemely concerned with the tenant/resident involvememt is evolving in this part of the country. 
I would like to invite any involved tenant to use this forum to share their views, thoughts and ideas here.
To start the ball rolling I have recently had a run in with my Housing Association regarding their desire to allow non residents who sit on our residents groups to eleceted chairs of said residents groups. I have always been opposed to this as I feel that the long term result would be that TENANT involvement would become very diluted to the extent that we would not have a strong enough voice to be able to challenge effectivley. In this time of self regulation I feel that it is even more important that tenant challeng remains strong.
I know that many HA,s, including my own now, have Scrutiny Panels who are supposed to offer the challenge by scrutinising the company. However, from my own experience, it is all to easy for HA,s to appoint compliant residents onto these panels and then lead them only into areas of scrutiny as selected by the company. Therefore it is the responsibility of involved tenants at all levels of involvement to offer strong constructive challenge and not just leave it up to scrutiny groups.
In my veiw if non tenants are allowed to occupy positions of authority at all levels of involvement the ability to challenge will be steadily erroded.
I am inviting involved tenants from around the country to respond to my comments with their own thoughts.
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Jeff, i am providing advice to resident associations in the private sector. i have not come across a similar senario to the one you have described but suggest you check out the Justice Department web site as they provide a checklist for all associations for the private and housing association area. I assume you have already tried canvassing support from other tenants to build a bigger voice in your association, if this has failed to get support there are a couple of other ways you could tackle it. you drop me a mail and i will give you my phone number and i will explain further.
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