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As a "civilian" who has a father and many relatives who are
veterans, one of whom was seriously deisabled after
serving in Iraq I also point out that how a families veterans
are treated has a SERIOUS effect on how they view the
service and whether they recommend. I have close friends
who will NEVER recommend serving because of how they
or their relations were treated by the VA or other depts
after serving. My father and relatives were well treated
so my views are positive....this does not seem to register
with the "powers that be"....

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A lowly COUNTY CLERK was jailed for refusing to "do her duty" by not issuing homosexuals marriage licenses. see this lady is a white middle class law abiding  CHRISTIAN. These are BAD BAD people in the eyes of the
establishment and the 1%. People like this clerk had ethics
and moral code...we just cannot have that....

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“Going to the moon and returning astronauts safely back to Earth is arguably one of the most profound achievements in human history, and so when people simply believe it was a hoax, they lose out on that shared experience and doubt what humans can do.”

This is blind faith without rational analysis of evidence. The Van Allen Radiation Belts on the other hand,,,are fly through DIE. When the reality of the Van Allen belts (real science) is accepted then
we can actually move forward. NASA is FLOUNDERING...why? NASA is now having to reinvent every aspect of
an unmanned capsule in its Orion program. It has admitted publicly NOTHING can  be used from the legacy
Apollo program. Why  ? Simple...there is nothing from the Apollo program of value.

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You need to understand the "code words" here...if its
criticism of Israel bombing kids in Gaza is "posts that
incite violence". You need to understand what is being
censored here....

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Saudi Arabia has several times targeted MSF-run hospitals.

This is what we call a "War Crime". In WWII we hanged folks
who did stuff like this....guess sense Saudi Arabia is a
supporter of the Petro Dollar regime its all good....

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Since September 2014, the US and some of its Arab allies have been carrying out airstrikes against Daesh inside Syria without any authorization from Damascus or a UN mandate.

In the "old days" this was called an "Invasion" or "ACT OF WAR"
and you went to Congress and got them to vote to allow it.
When we observe that USA is a "failed state" one serious
indication is the absence of legitimacy or Rule of Law....

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Gotta fund those "black projects" somehow. As these projects are
either toys for the elites or will be used at some point AGAINST
the wage slaves and other assorted american citizenry its no
surprise there's such fraud. The author must make the usual
noises but we all know this is theft on a mass scale.

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The US will cut China off financially from the world. How long can the Chinese government survive on one rail line to Russia and cargo planes to Russia?

Guess the pentagon paid trolls are having a slow day 8-] I guess the
"Silk Road" is not a concept the paid trolls can grasp.

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"Muslims are here to stay."

And once they reach a % of any population...they become your
rullers and you will NOT enjoy it. I find it so amazing after watching
how Islamic people treat EACH OTHER that the liberal fools and
traitors like Ms Lynch cannot but know allowing such things is
against the best interests of americans. Get this through your
heads...Islam is NOT a "religion"...its a theocratic philosophy
that has no room for western ideas like "civil rights".

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This is either...
1. A paid ad b y micrsoft to shill this trainwreck of an OS or...
2. A joke article...
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