The +Drink and Click™ Show, EP3

Drink and Click™ founder +Juan Gonzalez and I had a great time on the show last night! We were joined by +Alexis Coram, +Bob Dansereau, +Giovanni Piliarvu+Maryanne Wirkkanen, and +Joel Horwath. We talked about recent photowalk events, shared photos and tips, and made probably one too many jokes about Giovanni's girlfriend (by the way, if you're ever in Tokyo, he has offered his apartment as a hotel). I wore something special to celebrate our last month's "Red" Challenge Theme, so have a look and let me know what you think. :)

While we were live we did two giveaways - +Jordan Oram won a free print from Alexis and +Melody Migas won a 6 month +4ormat account live by answering our contest questions - congratulations, guys!

During the show we were wowed by +Nigal Raymond's cherry blossom photos - check out his other work and circle him, if you haven't already.

We ended by announcing the winners of June's Red Challenge - +f.a. fiebig  (+Drink and Click ™ BLN), +Eric Raeber (+Drink And Click™ SF), and +Isac Lima (+Drink and Click™ Toronto) (1st, 2nd, and 3rd). Thanks so much to our June prize sponsors: +SmugMug, +Rocky Nook, and +Think Tank Photo!

Remember to watch us every month on the second Wednesday at 9:30PM CST. Our next show is August 14th. We think you'll enjoy yourselves, and you never know who (or what) you might see on the show!

Don't forget to join in on your city's monthly +Drink and Click™ Photowalk Event - you get to take photos, socialize with people who share your interest, and have a chance to win great prizes. Check the website for a chapter in your area!

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