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#chicagofire v #nyrb: Fire rampant through first 15 minutes, and have the 1-0 lead; I'm shitting myself worrying about fatigue, though. This is a lotta pressing in 90-plus temps.

Dale Fire! #cf97

How many pixels will be spilled about Netherlands 0-point showing? I'm certainly going there. A team badly in need of a heart transplant.

Flame-outs this epic usually result in blowing the whole team up. I wonder which of the Oranje we've seen the last of in international play.

I'll start: van Bommel. van der Vaart. Robben.

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Anyone all soccer-tastic up in here? I'm a hardcore soccer nerd, and with the Euros starting tomorrow - and World Cup qualifying here in this hemisphere - I'm thinking of making a soccer-talk circle.

I'll stick this link on here; it is me talking about soccer, if you're curious how I get down, or if you're really stuck for something to read.

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So, let's see: a replacement for Hubble for the science community: Impossibly expensive; a replacement for Hubble from the black-box spying budget: Almost negligible. Priorities, priorities.

As I said in the comment thread: We live in the evil version of our universe.
Here's a lovely example of the fucked up spending priorities the U.S. government has.

Astronomers fret about losing the invaluable Hubble Telescope, knowing NASA won't be able to afford replacing it. Meanwhile, government-funded voyeurs have two extra they weren't even using.

Last night's session of GONZO TEMPLE was so insane, I'm having a hard time believing it. Scene by scene:

- Group brainstorms ways to relieve Zeppo's druid of the cursed Shadow Rod he was stuck wielding, finally giving up and opting for a good, old-fashioned remove curse.
- Group discusses their options in the upcoming negotiations with the White Kingdom, a ghoul nation I've stolen mostly from +Kevin Kulp. Roleplaying ensues.
- Group scouts a 'back door' entrance to a crucial meeting site; once there, they discover Oddly Sympathetic Drow in the person of a former associate of the group; roleplaying ensues during which the priestess of Lolth scorns their proposed peace with the White, mocks them for their naivete, and declares "negative energy is for assholes."
- During third watch, a nymph pleads with Jem, Kedryn's new half-fae cohort, to gtfo because these folks are crazy, yo; everyone saved from blindness/death by exhaustion, as they slept through the whole thing
- The Negotiation plays out as almost an anti-climax; the White are polite, and the big takeaways are hey, hivemind and holyfuck, that's a lotta ghouls, man. Druid in stirge form peeks behind the curtain, sees mind-blasting ghoulish monstrosities in dev stage, returns chastened. Kedryn radiates goodwill before activating a minor artifact and bazam greater turn; no peace with the White, I guess
- Party uses their extensive mmorpg background to recognize the opportunity for a Conga Line of Death; 548 ghouls are slain in the Battle of Grey Fog. Seriously. 548.
- I offer party a poison-pill 'opportunity': Cash in 5k xp each from this insane xp-haul and there's a special prize round! They immediately go for it, The Deck of Many Things comes out. Yeah, this game is that gonzo.
- Everyone immediately goes for it. +Sarah Hylla (my wife) picks first, getting Sun, Moon and Vizier - a medium wondrous item, 50000 xp, 1 wish, and "an answer to your next dilemma." My poison pill turned cornucopia. Out of 12 cards drawn by the group, only one ("immediately change alignment") was negative. FUH.

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There's a lot of words here. The thing I'm taking away from this is that the emergency manager law is getting some heat from the church community; how are you gonna respond, Jesus people? Which tribe is it?

Sadly, I'm guessing this divides along racial lines. When they ask you where it started, remember what's happening here ...

I'm listening to +Bon Iver on the Coachella stream. In case anyone was wondering what I'm doing at the moment.

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This is the greatest actual play report in the history of actual play reports, or actual play, or play reports, or playing, or reporting, or actuality. +Zak Smith, RPG prophet: TRUTH.

Great session of GONZO Temple last night - although the Temple was nowhere in sight. Best session in a long time and I made it up on the fly. Damn if +Zak Smith isn't right as fucking usual - heh.

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I kept having a feeling this was going to swing around to RPG theory; perhaps I've been reading too many of +Zak Smith's intellectual-aesthetic-gadfly posts, heh. But it's hard for me to shake the feeling that the RAW/SG crowd might find the (inevitably failing) efforts to impose (simplified) order compelling, while the OSR crowd sees the mess and says, "Yeah, that's the mess."

In other words: The Truth is weirder and less tractable than anyone cares to admit, even when discussing realities completely made and controlled by humans. We divide between people who decry this state of affairs (+Tracy Hurley f'r'instance) and people who glory in it (+James Raggi f'r'instance).

Or maybe not? I've got to go wait tables for six hours. Have at.
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