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Technology Reporter with the Silicon Valley Business Journal

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And productivity grinds to a halt, as the whole office decides to watch the US Germany game in the lounge

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My take is that Tesla was never about selling Model S sedans, it was about being at the center of the electric vehicle market. Assuming EV makers take Tesla's olive branch and develop cars using Tesla tech, it makes sense for them to buy components from Tesla, which would already have the manufacturing and the supply chain in hand.

Especially if the Gigafactory gets built Tesla will have more capacity than anyone else to make the biggest non-commodity bit of an electric vehicle, the battery.

Of course, Gigafactory being built  is still a very big if. But this could help line up more partners and make fundraising easier.

The danger is that someone takes that patented tech and out-innovates Tesla, but it seems to be a small one. Electric vehicles are a non-trivial technology venture even when you don't have to dodge patents. And Tesla is farther along than anyone. It makes more sense to partner than to steal. 

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HUGE Facebook real estate deal today. They're basically building Facebook city by buying the 10 building campus next to their new Frank Gehry-designed headquarters building. 

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Here's a small peak at just how awe-inspiringly large an undertaking #teslamotors  's new #battery   Gigafactory is. 
Just this facility alone could could spike the global demand for  battery grade graphite by 152 percent once it starts running.

Hey you, tech blogger, complaining about Beats by Dre headphones being overpriced and something where you pay more for the brand rather than quality. Take your indignant blog post, replace the word "Beats" with the word "Apple" and "headphones" with "iPhone" and you'll see why this deal actually makes perfect sense.

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Found this cat sleeping in a barn at a goat ranch. 

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Violin  Memory is a company that a lot of people have written off, despite innovative technology and an early lead in the flash memory space that's currently eating the rest of the storage industry alive.

Which is why it was really interesting to speak with Kevin Denuccio, the man charged with turning Violin around. He's got a very different perspective on the industry than a lot of other executives in the space, and actually thinks Violin might just be placed the best to be the storage giant of the next wave of networking. 

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Silicon Valley isn't exactly known as a fashion mecca. When people talk about us in the context of style, its usually to snicker about hoodies or brightly colored socks. But the fashion industry should take notice: there's a lot of startups here gunning to use technology change the way clothing is bought, sold and discovered. 

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Chegg's IPO was kind of a dud, but one of their investors had some pretty good reasoning on why they're still one of the best ed-tech bets going.
Paul Holland of Foundation Capital talked with me about why Chegg has been one of the only ed-tech companies his firm has backed.
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