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Of course it's dark. It's an Irish bar!

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Add a message to your video

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 I've been learning about TECHNOLOGY by watching youtube videos and delving into various websites such as Google+ at the moment. (I'm still a novice at Hangouts).....   I know how HASHTAGS work but I'm not an expert.  I figured I might as well start with #ThePrimeSpot  (localizing the web since 9/9/99@9am) and search it later under #EXPLORE here on G+ ......  I JUST learned that PAGE RANK is a term from Google!    When I first heard  from an SEO expert a few years ago, I first thought he said "Your "pay drink" is 7 which is great for not even knowing what SEO is."   MAYBE IT's TIME I delve into ALGORITHMS and AGGREGATES.... 

For some reason, people think I'm a techie and know more about computers than just pressing "on" and clicking into various GOOG WEBSITES  like Mary Poppins.  (I see the WORLD and SHARE IDEAS that way!)   I think I'm just good at utilizing the Long Timers earlier than most.   Like Google (especially YouTube with over 2,000 uploads, mostly re: Long Beach, CA, many recorded with Pure Digital turned Cisco's FLIP high def video camera) but I've been light on Gmail;  AOL, Yahoo, Meetup, LinkedIn,  Podomatic, Twitter,  Myspace.... I've uploaded to Flickr and Instagram but have uploaded more pics to Facebook and am about to check out Google''s photo storage....

 I lost a few urls by not changing over from RegisterFly (hedonism ruined that company) and most of my LIVE WEBCASTS were lost when Stickam shut down.   (I simulcast my old TPSradio show from csulb's only a few times on Ustream which is still around back when you could hear my internet show on cable access TV via Charter).  You can see some of my videos on Charter AND Verizon Fios in LB, California ....

Network Solutions, GoDaddy and Web dot com ) have served me well over the years; forwards to Web's 'click and drag' SiteBuilder, check it out.  "My brain on the web" is only a few hundred pages and highlights my current (future?) Employer, the USPS.. ...... I find my content elsewhere on occasion.  For instance World News (WN) dedicated a page just to my youtube videos.  Okay....

I DO need to give attention to Apple as I have an iPhone 5 (I miss the 10x storage of my iPhone4 and sharing slideshows without wifi access)  but I was disappointed to discover  TPSradio's 2005+ podcasts were deleted from iTunes.   Libsyn also deleted my content during my hiatus -  I guess it's less footage to sift through to make My Reel which I've been delaying  ......  

 I HAVE USED THE CLOUD FROM DAY ONE but only for some things...  ie. LBweekly dot com eNewsletter was published on egroups turned OneList turned Yahoogroups ) but  I never created more than basic entities on Friendster,  CafePress, Ning, Skype, Wordpress, Pinterest.  Never got into iheartradio, soundcloud or reverbnation - I used local event postcards and youtube videos to scout local bands to play on the show.....

It's been a while since I've logged onto Fast Company and PRweb...  I've skipped the "kiddie" and "selfie" sites for obvious reasons but was on Twitter before the teen rush.  I believe Twitter is  here to stay, as well as Facebook which I told people I'd buy into if I could and of course GOOGLE is A Keeper.

So there.  Now that you know a little about ME, let's Hangout so I can HEAR about YOU and what YOU think the next best thing is.  What are YOUR "keepers"?

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Inspiration to see someone play like that!  Go Natural Hi Fi !  Happ COLLEGE RADIO Day!
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