Well now that's interesting. People with multiple gmail accounts (especially for distinct personae), take note.

The other day I created a new gmail account, more or less to name-squat the name, but had no plans to use it immediately. I had not sent any email from it, had not signed up for anything with it, had quite simply not done anything with it. It was a completely pristine gmail account.

Today I logged in to mess with the settings and start using it. Along with the three standard welcome messages I expected to find in my inbox, I also found that my new account had received a G+ share-via-email/invitation to join. This was from a friend (+Andrew Pam), who did not know about my new account, resharing a #nymwars post. It was extremely disconcerting to find something that I might have expected to find on my "K Robert" account show up on this new one.

So somewhere in the depths of G+, it's associating multiple gmail accounts owned by the same person, and cross-recommending them to people you might know. The only thing I can figure out that might connect those accounts is the backup email address or phone number I gave at registration time. I must say, I'm not too happy if Google is implicitly leaking this connection, when it asked for the backup emai and phone number just for account verification/recovery purposes.
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