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I give up. I really do. So I stroll into home hardware looking for some information and a nut.

I have the following conversation with a home hardware dood:

"Excuse me, I'm unsure of if a bolt's size is rated off the inside diameter of a thread, or the outside diameter of it's mating bolt's thread."

"Inside diameter."

"OK, then I need a 5/16" 24 TPI threaded nut please."

"We don't carry those, that's a coarse thread we only carry fine threaded hardware here."

"No, that's a fine thread. I measured it with a threadgauge and it said 24TPI fine."

"No, it's a coarse thread. Look, i'll show you our bolts... see? 5/16" 18TPI... that's a fine thread."

"No sir, the more threads per inch, the finer the thread. The bolt reads 18TPI UNC, the C stands for coarse."

"Nope, you're wrong."

So I take him to his thread chart. Point out the exact nut I need, point out that it says: 5/16" 24TPI Fine thread. He swears the damn chart is wrong. I point out that I should also get a 3/8" 24TPI thread bolt (also marked fine on the chart) just incase he's wrong about the whole ID/OD thing.

He stares at me blankly and swears that 24TPI isn't a "fine thread" in those diameters.

Well boys and girls, I'd had it, so I left and went to Canadian tire. Where I had the following conversation:

"Hey, i'm not sure if a nut is measured by the OD or ID of it's mating bolt's thread."

"OD of the bolt thread, which would be ID of the nut itself."

"Perfect, that actually makes a lot of sense... can I get two nuts, one 3/8" 24 TPI, one 5/16" 24 TPI just incase?"

"Sure, those are fine thread. They're over here. points"

I get two small packages of nuts, and buy a driver for them and head home.

Sure enough, CDN Tire guy was right. 3/8" 24 TPI fine threaded nut fits my case trimmer just fine. No more hand-cranking for case trimming.

I'll never go to HH again for anything involving nuts, bolts, or threads. Seriously.

For anyone curious:

Here's the UNS standard.

You can clearly see for 5/16", 18TPI is Coarse (UNC), 24TPI is fine (UNF), 32TPI is extra-fine (UNEF).

Similarly for 3/8", it's 16TPI UNC, 24TPI UNF, 32TPI UNEF.

They're standards for a reason, and I'd expect the person hanging around the nuts'n'bolts dept of my local hardware store to know the difference :P


Brent York

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It's good to see G+ is still the cesspit I left so many months ago. Still full of 9/11 truthers, "tolerant" intolerant leftists with the same tired debunked arguments, people who wouldn't know critical thinking if it jumped up and bit them in the ass etc... For the most part, I thank fuck I left this shithole ;).

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Now I've gotta figure out which one of the people I follow on Twitter is you. This will be a fun game.

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Om nom nom
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I did?

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Hi guys and gals. I just bought scrivener so that I can start writing a technical book. I was hoping there'd be a technical book template in Scrivener, but there doesn't appear to be one. Is there a place where you can download templates and such? 
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Brent, I've done a lot of technical writing, and every piece has it's own needs. I wouldn't look for a template myself, but create just what is needed from the blank template.
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yawn... just another 50 minutes and I'll be back on the road toward uptown so that I can brave the great unwashed hordes of the mall, and buy more christmas gifts for the throngs of children that share my DNA. #hohofuckingho .

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Quick question for you. If I bought the Mac version of Scrivener, and have recently switched over to a PC do I have to re-buy scrivener? I don't intend to continue using the mac version.
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Top of my head I like the scratchpad better in the Windows version. I think compile is easier, at least it is for me, because I don't get too fancy.

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HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA It appears I have pissed off the G+ lame squad. Have at er cucks. Enjoy yourselves. XD

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Apparently rabbit does something very special when you dust it in flour, brown it in a pan w/ butter, and then braise it in a dutch oven in cream, sour cream, white wine, onions, mushrooms, salt, pepper, a garlic clove and a touch of italian seasoning. 

What it does that's special is blow yer freakin mind. OMG the smell in here is incredible and I just took a dab of the sauce to try it... I'd almost defend this dutch oven with my life at this point.
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First shot is factory Hornady VMax, second and third shots are my loads 55gr VMax same round.

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Quite enjoying this beer. It's a pale ale but it's done right, almost but not quite an IPA... Like an IPA light. Delicious.
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+Brent York cheers , thanks for the review!
I am a hacker...

That's pretty much a good description of my life... I spend time with my wife and children, work in a technical job doing computer security work and programming (mostly apps and unfortunately "web"... although I've done systems and embedded development in my career as well and for development that's really where my happy place is), and during my free time I make and break stuff in creative ways (electronics, code, reverse engineering etc).

I have varied interests technical and non-technical. Just about everything interests me except for spam, but in particular I'm mostly interested in:

Computer security
Reverse engineering (software and hardware)
Embedded programming
Systems programming
Apps programming
Brewing beer
Biking, hiking and camping
Playing guitar

If you circle me, please send me a one on one message that tells me a bit about yourself, and tells me what circles of mine you might belong in.

It's not for "pegging purposes" but more for targetted sharing purposes so that you guys don't get spammed with some things you don't want... My circles are as follows:

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You can belong to more than just one, that's fine just tell me which ones you feel you're interested in. As my part of the deal I'll make sure you get into them.

For anyone who doesn't do the above, be forewarned, you'll go into my "following" circle. At any point this circle may be weeded out, and those in it may be shifted to other circles which may or may not pertain to their interests or may simply be uncircled.

Bragging rights
I make craft beer, cider, and wine, and I hack/design electronic hardware as a hobby.
I break stuff in creative ways (infosec). I make things (hardware). I write code. I reverse engineer code.