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I give up. I really do. So I stroll into home hardware looking for some information and a nut.

I have the following conversation with a home hardware dood:

"Excuse me, I'm unsure of if a bolt's size is rated off the inside diameter of a thread, or the outside diameter of it's mating bolt's thread."

"Inside diameter."

"OK, then I need a 5/16" 24 TPI threaded nut please."

"We don't carry those, that's a coarse thread we only carry fine threaded hardware here."

"No, that's a fine thread. I measured it with a threadgauge and it said 24TPI fine."

"No, it's a coarse thread. Look, i'll show you our bolts... see? 5/16" 18TPI... that's a fine thread."

"No sir, the more threads per inch, the finer the thread. The bolt reads 18TPI UNC, the C stands for coarse."

"Nope, you're wrong."

So I take him to his thread chart. Point out the exact nut I need, point out that it says: 5/16" 24TPI Fine thread. He swears the damn chart is wrong. I point out that I should also get a 3/8" 24TPI thread bolt (also marked fine on the chart) just incase he's wrong about the whole ID/OD thing.

He stares at me blankly and swears that 24TPI isn't a "fine thread" in those diameters.

Well boys and girls, I'd had it, so I left and went to Canadian tire. Where I had the following conversation:

"Hey, i'm not sure if a nut is measured by the OD or ID of it's mating bolt's thread."

"OD of the bolt thread, which would be ID of the nut itself."

"Perfect, that actually makes a lot of sense... can I get two nuts, one 3/8" 24 TPI, one 5/16" 24 TPI just incase?"

"Sure, those are fine thread. They're over here. points"

I get two small packages of nuts, and buy a driver for them and head home.

Sure enough, CDN Tire guy was right. 3/8" 24 TPI fine threaded nut fits my case trimmer just fine. No more hand-cranking for case trimming.

I'll never go to HH again for anything involving nuts, bolts, or threads. Seriously.

For anyone curious:

Here's the UNS standard.

You can clearly see for 5/16", 18TPI is Coarse (UNC), 24TPI is fine (UNF), 32TPI is extra-fine (UNEF).

Similarly for 3/8", it's 16TPI UNC, 24TPI UNF, 32TPI UNEF.

They're standards for a reason, and I'd expect the person hanging around the nuts'n'bolts dept of my local hardware store to know the difference :P

Quick question for you. If I bought the Mac version of Scrivener, and have recently switched over to a PC do I have to re-buy scrivener? I don't intend to continue using the mac version.

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA It appears I have pissed off the G+ lame squad. Have at er cucks. Enjoy yourselves. XD

It's good to see G+ is still the cesspit I left so many months ago. Still full of 9/11 truthers, "tolerant" intolerant leftists with the same tired debunked arguments, people who wouldn't know critical thinking if it jumped up and bit them in the ass etc... For the most part, I thank fuck I left this shithole ;).


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Apparently rabbit does something very special when you dust it in flour, brown it in a pan w/ butter, and then braise it in a dutch oven in cream, sour cream, white wine, onions, mushrooms, salt, pepper, a garlic clove and a touch of italian seasoning. 

What it does that's special is blow yer freakin mind. OMG the smell in here is incredible and I just took a dab of the sauce to try it... I'd almost defend this dutch oven with my life at this point.

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First shot is factory Hornady VMax, second and third shots are my loads 55gr VMax same round.
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Hi guys and gals. I just bought scrivener so that I can start writing a technical book. I was hoping there'd be a technical book template in Scrivener, but there doesn't appear to be one. Is there a place where you can download templates and such? 

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Quite enjoying this beer. It's a pale ale but it's done right, almost but not quite an IPA... Like an IPA light. Delicious.
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