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What pisses me off is that it SHOULD be 21-0, maybe 21-7 worst case scenario. Eagles don't deserve to be this close in this game! 

That was such a needed TD. Philly hasnt done anything and would have hated to see it tied at halftime. 

How bout some Robert Kelly to the end zone? 

What part of Witten sticking the ball out past the pylon did the refs not see? That was pretty obvious. 

Who the hell would have thunk they would have pulled that out. History has shown that's the kind of game they generally lose. Good win for the Skins. Excited for the potential. #HTTR

The new name for the skins should be the Washington Turnovers. 

Boy the Skins sure put the "Special" in special teams. 

The Washington Redskins... The cure for what ails any struggling team.... Can they just shut the season down like they did with RG? 

I honestly don't think the Skins could beat the Terrapins this season. They should be ashamed of themselves. I'f I was a season ticket holder I'd ask for my money back for breach of contract, cuz they're not even TRYING to play. 
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