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Emma Major
Mum, Wife, Lay Pioneer Minister, Poet, Author, MSWarrior, Blind and much more
Mum, Wife, Lay Pioneer Minister, Poet, Author, MSWarrior, Blind and much more

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My latest post on The Mighty: My Disability Superpower My post about invisibility is now live on The Mighty

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My email to CofE General Synod: House of Bishops’ Marriage & Same Sex Relations after the Shared Conversations
Here is the letter I've sent to the Diocese of Oxford Bishops and General Synod Reps today.  This is the way our voices can be heard.  Feel free to send your own versions if you feel as strongly as I do. I am writing to you and all General Synod representat...

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See me at "The Mighty"
At the end of last year my first story was posted at The Mighty and I've just realised I forgot to link that here. Doh. So here it is now

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Into week 3 of positivity #positive #oneword365
Day 14 mission shaped ministry comes to an end on a high Mike and Rachel tour the oxford castle and we end the day with a well earned curry day 15 I'm with the young people and learning lots then enjoying time with the church family before planning home gro...

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My New Superpower: Invisibility
Becoming disabled means accepting a superpower or two.  You know, like x-ray vision, watch out boys; and telepathy, again watch out boys; and spoon bending, I'm not sure who should watch out now.  I however haven't gained any of these famous comic book insp...

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Buggy vs Wheelchair: You Decide
I'm sure you've seen the news reports about how a wheelchair user "won his case" to have priority in the wheelchair space over buggy's on the buses.  I am sure you might have an opinion about this.  I am sure you're sure I have an opinion about this.  And o...

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Positivity Continues
I know what you're thinking She's managed five days positivity And now she's hit a wall Well, that is what I expected (Based on past experience) But I am still positive  Here at day 23 I've not written it all down And of course it's not smooth going Some da...

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day 5 #positive #oneword365
today wasn't great in fact it was shit but I decided to do something about it so I went out in the garden although it was cold and took lots of photos of the frost over the world it made me feel better to be creating again and through it I could see some de...

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day 4 #positive #oneword365
day four came as a shock back to school hitting the books my mood suffered all on my own but it wasn't that long until she was back home art homework was huge and a bone of contention but in the end we avoided excess tension during the day I amused myself w...

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day 3 #positive #oneword365
today was the last day before school starts back it started with struggling just to get up then after breakfast it was double bass practice which progressed to some cool compositions at lunch came friends that we don't see enough an afternoon of joy and muc...
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