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WP sliders and load speed
Few things I want to share with you guys, especially it will be interesting for webmasters working on WP platform.

Few days ago I've asked to test (here is the original post: and many suggested that load time way to long, from 6 sec to 45 from different visitors were reported. 
As you can see, most of the navigation we have on is visual, slider-based, where each post being loaded into a slider. That time I was using WP plugin "EasyRotator" ( It looks very nice, but has a major backend design issues which caused huge performance loss on
Many thinks to +Sander Raaymakers   (he is my hero of the day): based on his analysis and suggestion I found that every little (170x170 px) dynamic slider I have there was loading not only thumbnails form a featured image of the post, but the hi-res images as well! Imagine 9 sliders, each has 10 posts and each post was loading 800Kb image just to show it in 170x170 size!
It causes home page to weight more that 14 Mb! Crazy, isn't it? I've talked to support guys and found that this will be fixed in future versions.  

Anyway, I switched to TouchCarousel WP slider (again +Sander Raaymakers suggestion) ,, it cost $20, and I've paid for EasyRotator $20), and now the same layout gets loaded under 4-5 seconds with caching off, home page weight now 2.4 Mb, and still looks pretty cool, and supports iTablets, etc.

Now, if you have 10 sec, please hit www.photigy com and report your load time here: I'd appreciate this re-check.
Thank you!

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