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Rob, I get that media brands could become platforms for journalism, but what about the corporate brands as media platforms. The rise of "native advertising" which is simply more cunning advertorial is a step in that direction.

This is a more disturbing development in my view. 
Yes, I'm wary about that too. I wonder how well it will work from the companies' point of view, given that most of what I've seen is fairly clumsy marketing. While I want to have faith in readers' ability to sort out marketing from independent points of view, I'm not sure I do.
The assumption of bias is likely factored in by most news consumers today, I'm simply not sure we can determine what the media bias is or how it affects the news. With clumsy corporates I think it's pretty clear what the biases are, which is oddly reassuring. (e.g. I know your trying to sell me a truck, Ford. So when you entertain me with YouTube videos or inform me with interviews of sports figures, I don't mind.)
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