Operation #Cassandra - DC + Boston has been captured by the Resistance."

In what has been the fiercest, back-and-forth XM Anomalies in recent memory, the Resistance strategy to establish defensive Links and capture Volatile Portals bears fruit in Measurements 3 and 4. Incredible effort put forth by Agents on both factions. Immediately rendezvous at Tommy Doyle's in Boston and Penn Social in DC for debriefing.

Total for the Resistance this Anomaly = 955. (Boston: 356 DC: 599.)
Total for the Enlightened this Anomaly = 831. (Boston: 342 DC: 489.)

Measurement 4 Details

The Resistance owned 2 Volatile Portals and 8 Non-Volatile Portals in Boston. In Washington D.C. they controlled 3 Volatile Portals and 11 Non-Volatile Portals.
The Enlightened owned 3 Volatile Portals and 12 Non-Volatile Portals in Boston. In Washington D.C. they controlled 1 Volatile Portal and 8 Non-Volatile Portals.

The Resistance had 19 Links standing at Measurement Time. 3 in Boston and 16 in Washington D.C.
The Enlightened had 2 Links standing at Measurement Time. 0 in Boston and 2 in Washington D.C.

Total for the Resistance this Measurement = 233. (Boston: 71 DC: 162.)
Total for the Enlightened this Measurement = 130. (Boston: 84 DC: 46.)

Measurement Time Details

Original:    FIVE   O   THREE     AND    TWENTY     SIX  SECONDS     
MD5 of OTP Key: 232c85552f30619573148476719f9da7

XM Anomaly Links

AUG 11: SYDNEY http://goo.gl/ujBcwP 
AUG 13: MILAN http://goo.gl/Y6iOWP
AUG 15: TOKYO http://goo.gl/H3JDLL 
AUG 17: DUSSELDORF http://goo.gl/DznAsx 
AUG 17: WASHINGTON, DC http://goo.gl/HiBk2W 
AUG 17: BOSTON http://goo.gl/xpftg9 
AUG 18: MANILA http://goo.gl/wgB7gK 
AUG 20: PARIS http://goo.gl/LyaFOM 
AUG 21: SAO PAULO http://goo.gl/sYF6Ua 
AUG 22: HONG KONG http://goo.gl/oBs53q 
AUG 24: COLOGNE http://goo.gl/lMN6bj 
AUG 24: NEW YORK http://goo.gl/2uChqm 
AUG 24: CHICAGO http://goo.gl/vcNKmi 
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